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  1. Alan Cynic

    Roland TD-3 V-Drums

  2. Alan Cynic

    Music Association Game

    Divine Comedy 'Generation Sex'
  3. Alan Cynic

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2015

    Damn....... missed it!
  4. Alan Cynic

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2014

    Dagnabbit, Del! I had Wilko too...glad he denied us his points. Still time for a late death or 2 though! Bigsby usually comes strong at the end of the year (unless he photoshopped those selfies!).
  5. Alan Cynic

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2014

    Happy to see the evil old git deliver me some points on his journey to wherever.
  6. Alan Cynic

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2014

    Shite! Mid season slump for me, after a decent start.
  7. Alan Cynic

    The Most Obscure Instrument(s) You Own

    I often use a phono fiddle live (one string, with a brass horn) Sometimes play a ukelin (32 string US depression-era thing) Various zithers and autoharps (bugger to tune) Dulcimer (gets a live outing on occasion) Psaltery (as above) Lute guitar (scalloped frets) Bell harp (12 string instrument which you swing while you play...used it a couple of times with'mickel mass') Cuattro 12 string mandolin VL-Tone & PT20 keyboards Clarsach French horn etc
  8. Alan Cynic

    D-Day Anniversary

    My dad went across just after D day, then drove the enemy back to Berlin using only his bren gun carrier and 3 tins of rations. He never really talked about the horrors much, but had some good stories about bravery whilst drunk on french wine etc (and accidenly saving a small child when a bomb blew in a church wall...we used to get Christmas cards from the grateful family).
  9. Alan Cynic

    The Aberdeen music scene?

    I approve of 'revelled'....my granny used it to mean confused.
  10. Alan Cynic

    Glad it's gone to a good home! Once I've had my facelift & a personality transplant you'll have to introduce me to your mum
  11. Alan Cynic

    Thanks...will be bad and keep fingers & toes crossed.
  12. Alan Cynic

    Aberdeen Mini Music-fest - Opinions Please

    Project Slogan did do a few small-but-ace gigs, but it's now Photoghost.
  13. Alan Cynic

    If not, I'll go for it. Was once asked to join Mrs Gerrard's Accordion Band!
  14. Alan Cynic


    Apparently Paul had reached the stage where he couldn't stand the sight of her face, although the reasons behind it are complicated. Think it's known as an Edie-puss complex.