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  1. Glen Campbell no longer wearing rhinestones
  2. One step over the edge.
  3. Which isn't a NUS card.
  4. I didn't think RGU or Aberdeen Uni gave out a NUS card as standard*, although you can apply for one. *At least they didn't when I went to RGU 11 years ago.
  5. If you still have the hard drive, this site details how to get the bookmarks
  6. I managed to get to see him record it at the Edinburgh Festival a few years ago.
  7. Michael Bond no longer making Marmalade Sandwiches
  8. Brian really Cant -
  10. He first appears in Age of Ultron.
  11. If you bought in EFPII your four shares were split by 5 for EFP4 then again by 10 now. So your 4 shares if bought at EFPII will now be 200. If you have access to Compushare you can login and see the total amount, I have 500 now, and I've sold half of my shares twice.
  12. Martin McGuinness no longer voiced by an actor -
  13. Has this been disabled, as I'm seeing ads and can't find the supporter page anywhere?
  14. Tommy Allsup has gone to finish the Winter Dance Party tour with Buddy Holly -
  15. I'm going to guess that the tankers have the water effulent in them, which they can't dispose of through the sewerage system, but have a planning application in place to treat on site, which will benefit local farmers in cash to remove and enrich the land it is spread on.