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  1. If you bought in EFPII your four shares were split by 5 for EFP4 then again by 10 now. So your 4 shares if bought at EFPII will now be 200. If you have access to Compushare you can login and see the total amount, I have 500 now, and I've sold half of my shares twice.
  2. Martin McGuinness no longer voiced by an actor -
  3. Has this been disabled, as I'm seeing ads and can't find the supporter page anywhere?
  4. Tommy Allsup has gone to finish the Winter Dance Party tour with Buddy Holly -
  5. I'm going to guess that the tankers have the water effulent in them, which they can't dispose of through the sewerage system, but have a planning application in place to treat on site, which will benefit local farmers in cash to remove and enrich the land it is spread on.
  6. I'm guessing it's going to be Prince Philip and the Queen, although quite why everyone doesn't have them is the bigger mystery!
  7. Woman used hammer to fend off Viagra OAP
  8. Henry Heimlich has choked it -
  9. Odd, it showed on my version.
  10. Try Settings > Account Settings > Notifications > Notifications from Apps > scroll to Marketplace and turn off.
  11. Peter Vaughan has had his Porridge -
  12. Lane 7 in Newcastle is taking over Tiger Tiger and bringing their version of bowling to Aberdeen
  13. Robert Vaugh - doing the final Hustle -
  15. Now at £47.50 and the window has been extended to 4pm, Brewdog have bought a heap of shares back to give to employees.