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  1. Adam, an album would be lovely. If you're not locked in a practice space
  2. Yeah - next 2 weeks hopefully! Between getting married and my wife also falling pregnant, I've been really busy - end of August there will be an announcement
  3. Looking for a bass player who can do backing vocals also to join myself and a guitarist/singer to have a little jam session every week at Captain Toms. Original material written and ready to go. Pretty laid back stuff. Get in touch.
  4. As above - looking for 2 tickets for the 15th October. Ta
  5. Just caught up Marionettes' latest release, 'Wisdom to the Wise' and I rather like it. Also eagerly anticipating Dear John's album in September.
  6. Hi All, Just a wee update - going well thus far, venue has been very receptive to ideas and I'm in the process of booking a number of bands. Stage has been organised and hired, wrist bands have been ordered and some sponsors agreed with! I'M EXCITED! Any bands keen on playing, any acoustic acts keen on playing, any sponsors keen on sponsoring - please get me at aberdeenindiefest@gmail.com Cheers xxx
  7. The Aberdeen 'scene' is actually fairly diverse. There are plenty of electronic/dancey type bands, heavy metal, sleazy rock, indie pop, experimental stuff, acoustic loveliness, rappers, punk and a lot of shite. Plenty if you actually looked.
  8. It was. Alkaline, I have your email and I have replied to it.
  9. Indie/alt preferably. What did you have in mind?
  10. Facebook page up and running www.facebook.com/aberdeenindiefest
  11. CONFIRMED FOR NOV 1ST. A 1 day event with live bands in Exodus and an acoustic stage in Triple Kirks. If you or your band are interested in playing either, please get in touch at aberdeenindiefest@gmail.com Cheers
  12. Cowdray Hall looks cracking. Sure I could hire a pop up bar. Nov 1st is the confirmed date though!
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