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  1. An I too boring to think pubs are far more enjoyable than nightclubs?
  2. Chips in a bucket... On a plank of wood...
  3. Definitely! Make her feel so bad! In my lengthy time of 6 days at a cafe in November, this sort of stuff was basic knowledge. One knife for meat, one for veg. It's the same in every subway, they don't change their gloves! I don't have anybody from here on other social media! I'll never join twitter! They can't take me!
  4. Are you a vegetarian? If yeah, then it's not crazy. When I specifically ask for no bacon, even the waiter looks at me like 'what's wrong with you!?', and thinks 'No, this cheese burger is not complete with the minging taste of swine with his beef' and insists on leaving it on.
  5. Not as bad as when I worked at Apple and someone walks in wanting to learn more about their iPad. Perfect! That's what I was there for... Oh... A samsung galaxy tablet... FaceTime!?
  6. Could I get my username changed to Blazing Arrow as my iphone won't allow me to change it.
  7. Can't be hitting the toon without a matching purse!
  8. I don't work at the Airport anymore, so I can't plant crack in your purse... Fuck!
  9. Aloe Vera water is nice, but I can't help but think I'm drinking shampoo!
  10. Sounds great! How much were you looking for the Vox amp? What speakers are inside? From the era I'm guessing possibly silver bells?
  11. Jobs in general are grim right now! I had to take what was offered first when the last employer paid me off. Never have I felt so valueless when my C.V. doesn't hold up strong!
  12. Bought a fuzz face mini after months of long research and trying to figure out a way to fit a regular sized fuzz face on my pedalboard. I can't wait to get my Hendrix on!
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