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  1. Looking for blues harp player for new blues band. Gigs waiting - pm me if interested.
  2. Peerless Monarch archtop: £725 Yamaha CG122MC classical guitar (purchased in Merchant City Music, converted to l/h) £95 Vintage Lemon Drop: £225 Squier Classic Vibe 50's strat, fitted with pickups from New American Standard strat (2008) £225 pm for pics or more details (Would be open to trades for a l/h telecaster)
  3. Looking for a keyboard player and a harmonica player for a new blues band playing a mix of Chicago, Texas, Jump and Swamp blues classics. If you're interested in playing great blues in a tight band and having fun please get in touch!
  4. Taylor GS mini mahogony fitted with Taylor pickup and Taylor gig bag (gig bag a wee bit worn in places). Lovely sounding guitar - looking for £400. pm for pics...
  5. looking for a jazz guitarist to form a guitar duo -pm me me If interested.
  6. I'm a 43 year old guitarist looking for another guitar player to form a duo ( preferably with electric guitars). Interested in doing blues,jazz, r&b, soul etc. Just looking to do it for fun and to gig locally. Pm me If interested.
  7. I recently bought the combo version of this. Have gigged with it for a month, using the emulated line out through the pa. Also using it at home as it attenuates to 5w and 1w. The amp sounds great onstage and in the house - I'm really pleased with it.
  8. We are an established local wedding/ function band looking for a singer/frontman. We have bookings for both this year and next year and are looking for someone who is reliable, professional, confident, and capable of fronting a busy and in demand function band. Please pm for If you're interested or want more info.
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