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  1. Selling equipment I have due to moving; Yamaha HS80M Studio monitors (pair) - both come with original boxes, kettle lead and xlr (jack) - £200 AT2050 Multi-pattern condenser mic - excellent condition including all original elements - £150 Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 USB 2.0 - excellent condition coming with original box and cables - £280 Jaspers Adjustable Studio Stands, wood - £100 Collection preferred if interested. All prices listed are guides, so I am willing to take nearest offers as I am reasonable! Please email matt.norval.12@gmail.com if interested and I can send pictures/arrange for you to check them out first. Thanks :)
  2. Selling my Premier British Collection Snare. They're discontinued now, and it's in good condition. Tried selling before but not had a lot of luck. £100, no trades. I'm including soft carry case as well. I've seen them go for a lot more but I've struggled to find a buyer. matt.norval.12@gmail.com if interested.
  3. Audio-technica AT2050 mic for sale. Perfect condition comes with everything as when bought new; - AT2050 Mic - Protective Pouch - Stand mount £150, no trades please. matt.norval.12@gmail.com if interested.
  4. Recently changed the pickups in my Strat. This set of of N3 noiseless pickups came from my American Strat Deluxe, which I bought last year, so they are in good condition. Comes with the 5-way selector switch still attached. NOTE: I am a lefty, so the pickups came from a lefty guitar. I don't know if this will affect the polarity of them, as they are technically stacked humbuckers. But as far as I am aware (read up on it, checked with my luthier) this shouldn't be a problem. They came with the guitar, so no boxing unfortunately. Will send pics if interested. £100 Cheers.
  5. Hi Mark. Thanks for the reply! It's a hard sell like haha. Yeah the Joe Pass epi's look ace, in hindsight I would have probably bought one. The model of Martin you're selling is a beautiful guitar. I was wandering, if you would like to talk further? I would actually be interesting in a part exchange possibly? Cheers, Matthew.
  6. Drummer looking to start a band. My main goal would be to start off doing covers - classic/modern rock, popular tunes, blues etc - and start to get into playing cover gigs. My long-term goal would be to eventually steer more towards functions, where we would hopefully be able to start making some alright money. I'm 21, have been playing for about 12 years. I have had experience playing drums for coffee-shop afternoons/busking/live nights put on by teachers in the past etc.I have a decent enough kit and hardware, plus lots of guitar gear we can use due to my Dad being a music teacher. Any interest, please PM me or email me at matt.norval.12@gmail.com Cheers (:
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