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  1. Sue Denim..

    Your current read?

    Book 7 of the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time books. Why did I start this series? It goes on forever!
  2. Definately go for China Mieville. The Bas-lag novels (Perdido Street Station, The Scar and Iron Council) are good but personally I'd start with Embassytown or The City and The City. Just finished 'Railsea'. Supposed to appeal to the teenage market but It certainly appealed to me.
  3. I've read these too, one says 'God will Die'. They are everywhere. I reckon God did it.
  4. Things I'm going to miss about Bruce Millers; They did a damn fine breakfast in the cafe. They sold lottery tickets. They sold mandolins. The clock cheered me up when waiting for a bus. All the music was layed out. Unlike most music shops where finding a music book is like digging through your old LP collection.
  5. Roll-your-own cigarettes: how dangerous are they? Cancer Research UK – Science Update If you can't be arsed clicking on the link, the general gist is that they are about as bad as each other.
  6. I can't think why in this day and age of Xboxes, PS3s etc someone will still want to put 1 or more into an arcade machine for less than 2 minutes of gameplay. Arcades were great in the '80s. Now they're shite.
  7. Sue Denim..


    Son: I had sex with the girl next door. Dad: I hope you were wearing something son? Son: Yes, a balaclava! Son: Dad, I got a wank from a girl at school today. Dad: Son, keep this up and you're going to lose that teaching job.
  8. Sue Denim..

    Your current read?

    I finished the third book in the series last week and must say that right up to the end I was hooked. (I can' t wait to see how Haymitch is portrayed in the film. To me, he outshone the main characters.) In the middle of reading some Kafka for the first time. (Short stories) I was hoping to finally get to the bottom of the meaning of 'Kafkaesque' but I'm still none the wiser. Not the distopian nightmare author I was expecting. Not altogether bad either. Think Edgar Allan Poe without the horror.
  9. Sue Denim..

    Your current read?

    Reading "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. (Trilogy) Don't be put off by the 'Teen Fiction' tag on these books. They are a pretty (if easy) good read. About a dystopian future where kids are put into an arena to fight to the death for the entertainment of the masses. Think running man / battle royal. Apparently, it's being made into a film for next year.
  10. If that works, I'm going to try it.
  11. How did Michael Jackson do that trick where he dances around, leans over forward 45 degrees and then leans back and carries on dancing? I think it was on the Smooth Criminal video.
  12. Worse still was an Aberdeen related game called "Walkin' the Mat". It was shite to the nth degree. The answers to pretty much all the questions were "The Aberdeen Tram system", "Kelly's Cats" or "Union Terrace Gardens".
  13. Sue Denim..

    Your current read?

    Just finished the above book. Pretty good. All about a monk trying to prove the existance of God on a fucked up planet where visions come to life. ... ends up Satan is God. ... there, ruined it!
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