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  1. I've got an extra ticket for sale for Lee Perry at the Lemon Tree tonight. £20 (save a fiver on the door). Give me a message if you are interested. cheers
  2. Having a clearout so the below stuff is free to anyone that wants. Its mainly punk rock cds (many of them acquired on here), some really good stuff just running out of room for everything! Cds Twelve Hour Turn - the victory of flight (no idea) The broadways - broken star (asian man) The mock heroic - dignified exits (superfi) Radon - metric buttloads of rock (no idea) Dugong - quick to the city (bombed out) Dillinger four - this shite is genius (crackle) Dillinger Four - live 2001 (lsd) The Holy mountain - bloodstains across your face (no idea) Plastikman - artifakts (mute) Twelve hour turn - bend break spill (no idea) Anthem eighty eight - define a lifetime (no idea) After the fall - fort orange (raise your fist) Bracket - when all else fails (fat wreck) Lifetime - somewhere in the swamps of jersey (jade tree) Someday I - ref 4 (owned and operated) Gan - do that again (boss tuneage) Shield your eyes - s/t Sounds like violence - the pistol (deep elm) Various - punk o rama (epitaph) Lifetime - jerseys best dancers (jade tree) Jerico rva (ex smoke or fire) - workers union (iodine) Bracket - 4 wheel vibe (rise) Latterman - we are still alive (deep elm) Jets vs sharks - our bodies are anchors (catncakey) Git some - loose control (alternative tentacles) Over stars and gutters - consider this your curse The minor leagues - this story is old.. (datawaslost) Nathaniel Green - same time tomorrow (sellout!) Planesmistakenforstars - fuck with fire (no idea) Hey mercedes - the weekend ep (vagrant) Billy Reese Peters - almost heaven (no idea) Dead leaf echo - truth Transit - stay home (run for cover) Wintermute - robot works (big scary monsters) Shift - get in (columbia) Atomgevitter/filthpact split Run walk - I hope... (holy roar) Audio karate - lady melody (kung fu) Deadsure - from your head (no idea) The mercury league - la libertad (total sellout) Stressface - oh you're welcome (plan it- 7"s The vows - s/t (dead and gone) Ablach - demo 2008 (problem) Franklin Lakes - s/t ep Fifty on Red - s/t ep (dead and gone) My so called life/ryan mills split (engineer) Highschool dropouts/slartybartfast split Highschool dropouts - s/t ep (daytime dilemma) Highschool dropouts - outtakes (daytime dilemma) Elemae - sleeping with adrenaline (ignition) Comics Wonder woman (futures end/villains month tie in one shots, hologram covers) Nightwing/oracle: convergence various punk fanzines Dvds The muppets wizard of oz
  3. I approve of anything to do with Bad News Barrett or Dean Malenko. Excitement for Royal Rumble? I'm hoping for a Daniel Bryan win and some sort of Sting appearance.
  4. Does anyone know of any places in Aberdeen that repair turntables? Mine has stopped working. Any idea how much they cost to repair? cheers
  5. Free Westfield left handed guitar and bass. Pick ups are knackered on both which is why I'm getting rid of but they'll be useful for some for home practice. They are both old and covered in blood, sweat and punk rock stickers.
  6. not sure if this is the right forum to post this in - is anyone interested in playing 5 a side football at Strikers on Wednesdays at 9.30pm? There are about 16 regulars but often end up one player short every couple of weeks so would be good to have more options. The standard varies - there are some good players, some poor but we don't take it too seriously. Anyone interested give me a PM (we need someone for tonight but if your interested for future weeks, let me know!)
  7. A lot of stuff I'd have liked but last year's experience was a miserable one of standing in a queue for an hour with people that looked like they were there for no reason but to re-sell on ebay. It wasn't fun because you couldn't browse releases either.
  8. just a reminder that this is this Thursday, should be an excellent evening. I'm looking forward to all of the bands! River Jumpers debut album is available to download for pay-what-you-want from their bandcamp.
  9. I did my dissertation on the ways in which the music press engaged readers with politics, however I did touch upon those questions also so if you think it would be helpful I could send you mine (presuming I've still got a copy on my laptop)?
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