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  1. Here's one to add to the Ab-music dubious mental heath confessions. I have experienced quite a few episodes of deja vu, as you do. Mine have gotten more and more vivid to the extent that I would know that I am in a dream that would later actually occur while I'm still having the dream. The situations were usually just a small chain of events, like a certain group of people turning up while some other task was going on, but I'd be able to recall the flow of the conversation (but not the full content). All very "oooh freaky" but not really anything to worry about you'd think. The "ah shite" part comes after I now think I've seen my own death. I was in fairly plausible dream as a passenger in a car very similar to one I am planning to rebuild one day, I was driving off road with someone else who I didn't recognise when suddenly i think I fell out the vehicle (not quite sure what happened as it was split second thing) and my head was crushed under something or the vehicle rolled on top of me (again not sure, think it was a black piece of metal on my face but then the dream just stopped). Kinda not sure where to go with this one, other than trying to never get into the situation where it occurred! ....but then did I die after freaking out that I was in a situation where I thought I was going to die so jumped out of a moving vehicle only to be run over by it?
  2. I always imagined that song was the result of the record label stepping in and being like "sakes guys, another song about Satan, how's about you write something original?" Couple of dabs of tipex on the lyric sheet, fuckin sorted.
  3. Chuffed how it turned out, still to make a name plate for the front but thats not going to be done for a while as I was going to build a cnc router to do it proper. Its got a very clean sound as I was going for an old school bass amp but annoyingly it's not quite powerful enough for bass in a band situation (though that could have been due to the overly loud faukers I used to jam with). Plenty loud with guitar, just doesn't distort without an overdrive infront of it. Guitar is a Yamaha SG700S with Seymour Duncan pickups and cab is a 1970's Marshall fitted with 2 x Celestion G12K-85's and 2 x G12M-70's from mid 80's. Pedals wise I have these modded/home made jobs: Left is a Big Muff clone with hardwired max sustain and retardedly bassly tone. In the big muff case is a John Holis Omni-Drive distortion modeller, great distortion pedal, makes heaps of useful sounds just a bit noisey now. Wah has a subtle tone altering mod, still a normal wah, just sounds a bit more "waaahwah" instead of "WWWWAAfuckingWAAAAAHH!!!!". Overall sounds I go for are straight up dirty rock with the occasional blast of saturated metal. Mellowing out these days though and going for more hard overdrive with plenty of "twang" from the Yama-should have bought a telecaster-ha.
  4. It is yes, its my own creation, the "Marshrangeity Dominender". Can't get an image loaded on my mobile so heres a whole album of it: http://http://imgur.com/a/2bMqRXu
  5. I always thought that the lyrics sounded like they had been lifted straight out of some 15 year old metal kids journal. As far as mistakes go, in Saturn's Children by Electric Wizard one of the guitarists rolls up the volume on their guitar a bar too early and turns it back down again in the last chorus.
  6. Did a quick modification to a Boss DS-1 the other day to lower the overall gain and also allow the clipping diodes to be switched in and out. Swapped the silicon diodes for a pair of germanium ones at the same time. Gives a mellower distortion with less farty ds-1 sound and is just a super loud overdrive/boost with the clipping diodes out.
  7. oh me, that looks amazing, very 70's. What model is it?
  8. It was like a when you snap a glow stick to activate it or like one of those snap wrist bands (remember them), everything was still intact afterwards.
  9. Worst cock related injury involved snapping my boner, the noise it made haunts me till this day, it was like a popping noise like cracking your fingers but just a single much louder "schnapp". Was an instant take down, from peak 100% thrusting performance to instant maximum pain possible x 100 rolling on the floor screaming.
  10. Proper smashed my left index finger with a mallet once, was wearing gloves but when I pulled it off the glove lining was all mixed up in the flap of flesh that was hanging off my finger. Previous to putting on the gloves I was working with lots of oily bits so my hands were covered in oil and grease, washing the dirt out of the wound and cleaning my hand was so painful i nearly boaked. Getting it stitched back together was nearly as bad.
  11. Aberdeen and shire is a fairly large geographic area with absolutely awful public transport and taxi's that used to be the second most expensive in the UK outside of London (dunno if that's still the case). As a shire dweller popping out on a Tuesday night to see some band I've never heard of might take 2-3 hours and over £60 just to get there and back, unless I leave the venue at like half ten for the last train or stay sober and drive the whole thing (45mins each way). That's a big investment for what could be an utterly shite performance, for me I'd rather hold out for a big act (and would be prepared to travel further) or go see a band that's playing covers or the like as there usually decent quality. It's a bit crap for local bands trying to do their thing but at the same time if an Aberdeen band thinks they can just keep playing the venues in Aberdeen and from that build up enough buzz to get signed for a major label I think their pretty deluded.
  12. Top work folks! Going to wade my way through these. What made me think I was missing out on a whole lot of music was Mondo Generator's Cocaine Rodeo album, I have nothing else like it in my collection but its one of those albums I'm always going back to. I got the Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking album off the back of that but found it pretty forgettable.
  13. I let punk pass me by growing up as I was way too metal for it back then. I'd like to properly dive in and find some new music, what bands and albums do the people of aberdeen-music recommend I hunt down? My wife was a pop punk fan but I never really liked the clean cut/dick jokes thing and found the likes of New Found Glory/Blink 182 fairly uninteresting, I'm looking for something rawer, bit more noise and shouty vocals. I though I'd go right back to the start and tired listening to some Sex Pistols but though that was just a bit shite, maybe you have had to have been there in '76 to appreciate that. So any recommendations where to start?
  14. I burst an ear drum when I was 4 or 5, I don't remember it happening or how I did it, but apparently I cried a lot. Healed up and I didn't suffer any lasting damage though. I'm sure you'll make a full recovery!
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