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  1. Latest song and video - enjoy :
  2. cheers for the update - good to see Tom has broken from the corporate thing i always thought he was bright even if we did,nt always see eye to eye (think it was a generation thing). I have heard of your other bands and will check into them further for sure.
  3. cheers for the feedback Adam - yeah i,m not big on words and most of my material is usually music first and minimal words after but fair point. I think i used to work with Tom your drummer a few years ago assuming that it was / is ten easy wishes your name suggests. He sold me one of your singles on vynil as i recall. Not sure thats even the way you spell vynil - its been so long. And mighty good it was too. Sort of punk meets Busted. Are you guys still playing ?. I did wander what became of him.
  4. Its been a while since i posted any music here - so here is my latest offering : hope you like it and feedback is always appreciated - cheers.
  5. thanks for the feedback - really appreciate it.
  6. Ah i see re comments by Trikelops and Flanuer - think i may have misinterpreted the Scottish music angle - apologies. Another great Scottish slide player was the guitarist with Nazareth and i liked the voice of the vocalist too. Always thought he would have been a better replacement for Bon Scott than that Geordie lad that is if he is still alive. Trikelops suggested he may like to hear some of my material - well the best place to go for that is my website at yorlum.com but i do a fair number of slide songs (some original some not) on you tube which is accessible via yorlum. I have yet to play any of this live as such but occaisionally do the odd song on looper at Musa in Aberdeen. My acoustic duo with Penny is playing a 45 minute set at Brewdog on Sunday though i dont use much slide if any on these songs however the slide can be heard on several songs at Millbrigmusic.com too and of course Soundcloud.
  7. I am a big fan of slide guitar from listening to alot of blues players and many rock / blues rock music such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackmore, Floyd, Clapton (not a great fan), Rory Gallagher, Blues n Trouble, Dr Feelgood (these last three all who have played at the Douglas hotel over the years). I tend to use the three middle strings of the guitar missing out the lower E and A strings and occaisionally playing the top E. I use fingers only (no pick) and dampen the strings as i play the notes and move to the next string or use two or three strings together when sliding up or down (usually with an open tuning however the three middle strings standard tuning lend themselves perfectly for chord slides). I dont have any specific slide guitars but use standard guitars which work ok but may pick up one with a high action and unwound strings where i could utilise all of the strings (such as Gilmours pedal steel style). I sometimes use e-bow on one string and slide which gives a kind-of pedal steel effect). I always liked Blackmores playing and sometimes could,nt figure out if he was playing slide or not he was so fluid and bluesy. Remember this was pre-you tube so you had to listen to music not listen and watch. I disagree about the use of slide in Scottish music. OK maybe not in trad style but i use it alot in many of my own songs and find slow hymnal type songs are a perfect backdrop for slide. One other little give away here (and its a gem) is that i dont use the slide on my pinky finger but simply hold it between thumb and first finger and always sit down with the guitar flat on my lap - its so much more natural to do this.
  8. This song has been kicking around for a month or so and i have several others to follow soon - check out more at yorlum.
  9. Web meisters of this site feel free to delete the previous entry as the video did,nt work as expected. Heres the correct one hopefully.
  10. when i first joined this site i honestly thought that some of the avatars were the actual people on the site - believe me i am not big on celebrity following. Infact it was one of the main reasons i joined the site. It was only after reading some of the stuff i thought wait a minute these are blokes definitely - shit. I would recognise Miley though.
  11. I would so like to go to this gig if nothing more than just seeing who was responsible for such an epic name. I am referring to the lords here of course. It sounds like it will be a good night. I hope it is,nt spoiled by having to play too quietly though.
  12. Was this a privately run venue or did it have council 'backing' ? and where is it ?. I,ve got to say this is an interesting thread re the changing face of Aberdeen. I cant make up my mind if things are better or worse but when i saw the pics above i initially thought it was Union Street and it looked really cosmo - sadly, it was Dublin.Theres a few changes i,ve noticed recently. Everest Technology an IT supplier near Holburn have cut the shop in half, Not a bad place for my pc requirements and its at the South (right) end of town for me so i dont have to pay for parking. Well i am Aberdonian after all. Then theres the shiny building syndrome. The monolith behind the Capital shot up over night, I had,nt been in town for a while and could,nt believe my eyes. It sounds like theres a few people in the know here so maybe you could enlighten me as to what its purpose is. I could google it but frankly wont bother. Oil i suspect. Theres more out the Stonehaven dualer on the right just short of Portlethen and i,m guessing its the same Donside and North. Of course theres the huge weird round building at the brig o Dee which houses AAA i believe though that lay empty for a long time after construction several years ago and that was in the 'good' times. Now, with all these really cool structures lying dormant its beginning to resemble (on a smaller scale) the ghost towns of China. Not everything has changed though, I was at the Moorings briefly last night having not been for longer than i can remember and i,m glad to say they still have dusty shelves and weird signage and really appart from the name its much the same as it was. However i will always refer to it as the Moorings and wont appologise for it. The big gym along from the Moorings used to be Valhallas night club. I remember playing there and during the first number, there was a massive fight with tables and chairs flying around. Last night at around midnight, i walked past and there were actually people using the facilities. Health freaks. Of course the harbour has changed really for the better although it does feel a bit corporate with all the barriers and signs. You used to be able to get access along the docks no questions asked. I feel if you were to have a wonder around there now, even during the day, questions would be asked.
  13. yorlum

    Golf club advice

    I used to play golf alot until about 10 years ago when i started working locally on a golf course. For some reason i lost interest. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Previous to that i worked in IT for about 15 years and during that time the last thing i wanted to do at night was switch on a computer. Mmmmmmmm. Perhaps you can see the correlation here. Now that i DONT work with computers all i ever do at night is Work (play) with computers as i am doing right now (very late at night for a greenkeeper). The point i,m trying to make here is, for me anyway, whatever it is you do for a living, you tend not to want to have anything to do with it in your spare time. The human condition i suppose. Sorry this is a bit of an old post but it did catch my eye. Apply the same principle to music. When i was young i wanted to be a rock star. Nowadays i,m not so sure its all its cracked up to be. How many famous bands out there even talk to each other anymore or dont have any legal lawsuits on the go. I,m not knocking the sport here it is in my opinion the best of all (maybe snooker too) and as far as working i could do alot worse. The first job i ever did was work on a building site in Dundee then a golf course in Barry near Carnoustie but its a shame nowadays it seems to be less about the game of golf and more about the dosh. In conclusion, i really cant figure out why anyone would want to play the game but thats from someone who spends 8-hours a day on a frigging golf course. Perhaps when i retire, i may change my tune,
  14. thanks very much. The website is coming up for two years old now at the end of this week and i am really happy doing it. I could never figure out exactly what to do with the final page (the ship page) but i think now it would be good to promote local recording bands that i hear on-line such as can be found on this site. I dont get out much now so live reports probably would,nt work but never say never. I,ve also got permission to post some really cool spacey artwork from another website i am familiar with but need to come up with a suitable piece of music for it ............it will be space rock and when you see the artwork you,l know why.
  15. just discovered this on SC today even though it was posted over a year ago and listened to all tracks in one go. Its a big ask these days to listen to something from beginning to end as i think most peoples attention spans get less and less over the years (too many other distractions) and i think theres too much emphasis on how a band looks as opposed to how it sounds. I,ve got no idea what you guys look like as i missed the live shows however if i did see you advertise then i would check it out.I enjoyed all of these tracks. Not too taxing to listen to and its obvious you have,nt been too fussy. A big bonus was that there were,nt many guitar solos if any. I will take a look at further material on band camp and will give you a mention on my site. I really liked the fact that almost all songs ended in a power chord with feedback. If i was to compare it to anything then it might be the Scottish band who did "the last to know" cant remember their name now and cant be arsed googling it. Sorry the feedbacks a bit late and hope you are all still together.
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