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  1. It's basically your fault. If you didn't leave Spike Piledriver, the internet feuds would have carried on and all would have been well in the world.
  2. I know one Rangers fan who takes it to ridiculous extremes. He's got lists of Rangers pubs all over the country, he goes on holiday so he can sit in Rangers pubs, he only goes on holiday with other Rangers fans, and he repeats every single conspiracy theory going as well. I made the mistake of going into one Rangers pub in Spain last year because they were showing a game I wanted to watch. Half an hour of listening to their shite was more than enough.
  3. I don't understand why they've got her and Sonya Deville doing exactly the same gimmick though. Shayna looks legit, Sonya...isn't.
  4. It's a hard as fuck job as well isn't it? I read an interview with a former writer and it seemed to be nothing but non-stop work.
  5. At the same time, you were still giving the town the thumbs up, eh?
  6. It's a pity that the usual boxing politics are getting in the way of Joshua-Wilder. It's the fight everyone wants to see, it will do absolutely huge business at Wembley, and surely they could agree that Wilder will get a rematch on American soil if Joshua beats him here?
  7. I've made it into the semi finals of the Challenge Cup, so clearly I'm not doing too badly. No chance of anything but 7th or 8th place in the league, but I've got several decent young players all locked up on 2-3 year contracts. If only a bigger team would come along and offer me half a million for one...
  8. Cloud


    Calgary Flames all the way. 22 years of suffering, heartache and general despair and counting... I can see the same story this season as last season - a team tipped to do well just won't deliver. As talented as the team is, we don't have a top goalie, and without one, there's no road to the conference finals IMO.
  9. Better to be crap at one thing than to be crap at everything, eh Ewan?
  10. I hate this bloody game. I'm sitting in 8th place in League 1, and there's nothing I can do to improve on that. If I take any risks, I'm going to risk relegation. If I don't take any risks, I'm able to collect points through draws and the occasional win. End result is non-stop shit football that no-one in their right mind wants to watch.
  11. There's no reason why they couldn't, there's already Welsh teams playing in England and an English team playing in Scotland. The only question would be on how they could join, though starting from the bottom of League 2 is hardly a new experience for Rangers. They could easily just allow the Premier League to go to 22 teams for one season though, and relegate more teams than usual for that one year. It's about time that we had proper cross border leagues.
  12. I have no idea what it is about them, but they're just as bad abroad as well. I met one in Spain in a random Scottish pub, and the prick was going on non-stop about how Rangers have been hard done by and how they were cheated by everyone blah blah blah. Unsurprisingly, he didn't speak a word of Spanish and he knew fuck all about football in general, it was just Rangers this Rangers that. Scottish football would be all the better for it if Rangers were allowed to fuck off and join the English leagues.
  13. What's odd about FM17 to me is the way that players will sit as free agents for months rather than sign for less money with me with the promise of first team football. I had one twat on trial, couldn't afford him, he wouldn't accept a contract full of bonuses, and 6 months later - he's still a free agent. He would probably have made more money with the bonuses than through a guaranteed weekly wage as well. He would have played every game, but clearly he's too good for playing on a torn up Meadowbank pitch in the middle of winter and so he prefers to rot away not playing for anyone.
  14. I didn't even mention the frozen rats in the holes!
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