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  1. Peter, have you ever considered starting your own political party in order to take advantage of lavish donations from key supporters?
  2. I suggest Peter should star in a reality TV show.
  3. Top Fives

    Got it in one. What possessed him to walk around with a receding mullet is beyond me!
  4. Ab-mus memories

    Just think how much was deleted too, especially when The Wasteland was binned. I remember plenty of misogynistic incidents that went on too, especially with certain 'musicians' taking advantage of Moshulu's rather...shall we say 'hands-off' approach to ID'ing people.
  5. Top Fives

    Some quality contenders right there, especially Terry Taylor's beautiful mane! Sid did do the business with that mullet-perm combination that few dared to emulate. Yeah, just no.
  6. Top Fives

    That's boring. I'd prefer Top 5 professional wrestler haircuts. 1. Barry Hardy. Top of the list, and for good reason. This badboy never went out of style. 2. The Rockers. Just splendid. Nothing but splendid. 3. Bob "Sparky Plugg" Holly. Look at it, what is more manly than racing cars and that incredible hair? . 4. Rick Rude. Hard as nails and with the hair to prove it. 5. Crush's mullet. Just a two tone work of art. (sorry, bored at work :D)
  7. @Peter Dow Aberdeen I feel rather upset that you haven't taken the time to educate us as to the extent of your conquests in paradise.
  8. Ab-mus memories

    And the use of the comment system attached to them to abuse other members. Mind My Weapon! I actually quite liked Starfall though.
  9. Ab-mus memories

    Hahaha yeah, the same! Although I've just had flashbacks to licking the board outside Dr. Drakes because apparently it tasted of lemons. Sigh. More memories - - Ben Weapon getting involved in some ridiculous flamewars over incredibly petty things, yet being a nice guy in the flesh - Plenty of veiled references on here to who was sleeping with who, including one of the most brutal references ever - Everyone being known by their name here rather than their real name Funny thing is, despite everything that went on here, there's only one person that I could genuinely say was an absolute prick in real life because of what happened on here, and it wasn't anyone connected to Ben or Ben himself.
  10. Ab-mus memories

    Oh man, where to start. It's hard to imagine that it's been over 15 years since I started posting on here :/ This thread for a start: Still never got hit by anyone for that, despite several threats. Hahaha, no way! I mean, I'm not surprised It's amazing to think how this forum was the centre of everything at one point. Something would happen on the forum, and then everyone on Friday night in Moshulu or Exodus would be talking about it. You'd then get vague references on here to things that happened in real life, such as Bob Knight's adventures. I can't believe no-one here mentioned Camie's party, and THE HORSE. Christ. The Balmedie Beach Party, featuring a shocking amount of booze, people throwing up and more. I remember sitting on the back of the bus drinking with Emma and listening to Sugarcoma while clearly failing to be in any way cool. @Alkaline, were you there? What else... Hmm. Starfall and the "headlining" controversy. Milner winding up everyone in sight without actually anyone realising it Taking the absolute piss out of Ewan Cameron constantly, even to the point where people were recording songs about him and 'leaking' them through MSN There's more, I just need to think about it.
  11. Peter, I think it's time we asked the more relevant questions here. When was the last time a female (a real one that was breathing by herself, not an inflatable one, or a printed one) crossed the threshold into thy parlour of urban decadence?
  12. Peter hasn't replied to my post for over 48 hours. I feel lonely.
  13. Why do you have multiple CCTV cameras and monitors, Peter?
  14. Perhaps Peter can tell us if the Harlaw School of Crime still visits him on a regular basis?
  15. No. Let him have his say. Peter, what's your opinion on the current American administration?