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  1. Teabags

    Pet Hates!

    It's only me and AGFW in the office today. Usually he constantly talks to others in the office during the day and not so much to me, since we work on different projects. Though he does occasionally make a HILARIOUS quip about me not being part of the conversation like "Oh yeah, Dave agrees, lol". But now that it's just me and him he feels the need to fill the silence by talking to me. With this level of fucking shite. "Have you checked out Titans on Netflix." "No." "It was, I dunno, much darker than I thought it would be. It's.... I don't know really. Might be worth checking out." How fucking informative.
  2. Teabags

    TV Series!!

    Norsemen. Same folk that did Lilyhammer. Dry as fuck Norwegian humour all about some vikings. Thoroughly good.
  3. and EC bumping 14 year old threads.
  4. Here's another that'll make you cry. maybe. Probably not. https://jasonkohnen.bandcamp.com/album/deathstorm-we-are-deathstorm
  5. Nah, was some pub on the side of a roundabout.
  6. I played a gig once in the broch. The fire exit doors in the gig room were left wide open for people to go out and smoke before we played. But they needed to stay closed duringf the gig cos of the noise so they... chained closed the fire exit doors. Fuck me.
  7. It's shite, but it's at the same level or above as most other popular rap/hip hop thats out these days, which is all fucking shite.
  8. Foreskin became so tight that I had trouble walking.
  9. Teabags

    Pet Hates!

    You're not wrong, here's an old one... Standing in the kitchen getting breakfast, AGFW™ decides to come and get a cup of tea. Other workmate goes outside to check something on his bike. and while he's out there, AGFW™ walks over to the window, taps on the glass at other workmate, making other workmate look, which causes AGFW™ to burst into giggles Like...AGFW™ actually just played peek-a-boo. He's in his 40s.
  10. Post pics of where you work.
  11. Teabags

    Pet Hates!

    AGFW™, as well as couple others in my office, all decide that because I'm going to the tiny little office kitchen to get a coffee, that they ALL need a cup of tea/coffee as well, so now there's 4 of us in a tiny little fucking kitchen and every one of them is constantly going "oh sorry, can I get past you to the fridge" and what not while AGFW™ stands there in hysterics saying "OMG it's so crammed in here!" This happens about 3 times a week. Wait two minutes while I make mine and then come back. You fucks.
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