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  1. Halford Rock Cafe - https://www.myguideberlin.com/nightlife/halfords-rock-cafe
  2. https://streamable.com/usxus Also, my dickhead of a mate was dead but still on Skype...and played the Optimus Prime death music when I got sniped.
  3. Nope. 2nd was my highest. And a couple of 3rds. It hurts me so much. Still haven't had a ghillie suit yet either, but when i get one...Im getting me that dinner.
  4. AGFW went on holiday then worked out of office for like 3 weeks. Things were nice adn quiet and mellow and peopkle got in with work. AGFW is back now...and can't let the office just be silent for 2 minutes. Constantly feels the need to talk. About anything, but mainly mundane, inane shite.
  5. I just came 2nd of 89 players. 3 kills. I'm distraught. Winner knew where I was cos I'd killed the 3rd place guy. Ugh.
  6. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, holy shit what a game. Still in Steam Early Access so it has bugs and needs a lot of optimisation/polish, but the concept of it is incredible. Some of the most intense fighting ever. In fact, most of the time I've been actively avoiding fighting, so when it happens its scaray as shit. Get it now in early access so it's half price, cos it's already worth it. If you don't know what it is, the basics are: You jump out of a plane onto a 8x8km island with ~ 100 other players. None of you have equipment other than clothes. Scan the local buildings for guns and supplies. Then after a few minutes, a circle closes in that you have to be in. The circle gets progressively smaller the longer the game goes. Kill or be killed. Last one alive wins. Think Hunger Games/Battle Royal, but done way better than any previous attempts. http://store.steampowered.com/app/578080/PLAYERUNKNOWNS_BATTLEGROUNDS/
  7. Last DiRT I tried was DiRT 3 but I fucking loved it. DiRT 4 and Rally got good metacritic scores so you should be good with either.
  8. TIL that Lil yachty is a thing, and I remember why I fucking hate trap shite.
  9. They sound like an awfuller A.
  10. This made me lol proper. I showed people in the office it.
  11. Is Ghetts actually rappin on this? Do you know the order of the MCs? So good, especially whoever is first and last and whoever says "I've gotta be a prick I'm in a world full of cunts".
  12. @ca_gere I went and bought that Ghetts mixtape. it's so fucking good. yas.
  13. Soda, if you haven't, be sure and check out Akala's Fire in the Booths. Way better than anything on his albums IMO, especially Fire in the booth 4.
  14. This is fuckin' siiiiick.