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  1. Do you speak French and like hockey? Cos if not I reckon they'll tell you to fuck off back to Poland.
  2. Brochers...
  3. I don't have pics but Boak setup is... Epiphone SG (with Bareknuckle Warpig) into a TU-2, into a Bigshot ABY, which then splits.. A-Goes into a HM-2 distortion pedal then into an Orange OR50 B-Into a Funeral Party distortion pedal into...whatever bass amp is there since I haven't bought my own yet Also have an RC3 for doing samples, though I haven't fit it into this loop yet.
  4. This bit drove me mental. Headless Kross only got to play for about 10 minutes, which was basically one song.
  5. I didn't go along to the meeting at Underdog for promoters etc that they did about a year ago, but heard from people that did that the deal with paying bands and door charge cut was fucking ridiculous.
  6. Started playing this (on PC) and it is so fucking good.
  7. Ironically... "Here at BrewDog, we don’t take too kindly to petty pen pushers attempting to make a fast buck by discrediting our good name under the guise of copyright infringement."
  8. They tried to. But Brewdog BROKE ALL THE RULES and got their names legally changed. Oh they're so whacky. https://www.brewdog.com/lowdown/blog/hello-my-name-is-elvis
  9. More than likely. Funny though.
  10. I know you said no drugs...but I'd be straight to a head shop to get some salvia and some dragon stones and speak to fucking God about math and shit.
  11. I saw him live once. Cheeens was on after him and started his set by saying "Please don't judge Aberdeen rap by that last guy. That wasn't rap. That was fucking bullshit." Made me larf. Cheeens is descent.
  12. Honestly, they're the worst...
  13. It was "played the guitar like ringing a bell", wasn't it? But aye. So long, pervert.
  14. Nah, he was really good. Then just in those dying seconds I played the position along the wall so he decided to just go up and try it. And fucking pulled it off. The dickhead.