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  1. Or "fit fiiiiiiiiiine". Anyone that gets offended by that can gwa n bile their fuckin heid.
  2. To be honest I only recently got into them. But Morbid Tales is a legit banger.
  3. LOL. Someone pointed out that the first line of Into the Crypts of Rays sounds like "you'll teach me how to mosh" and now I can't unhear it.
  4. Can't say I joined the party, I stuck on Celtic Frost after them.
  5. Recently heard yer man from Ghost's old band. 1000% better.
  6. Teabags

    What game are you currently playing?

    CSGO. All the time. https://plays.tv/video/5b281e32e4f0991b95/awp-3k-for-the-match
  7. Teabags


    Put Vegas to win in my bracket, against the Caps, but as soon as they both made the final all I wanted was to see Ovechkin finally get the ultimate prize. He fucking deserves it. Blocking shots at the end of the third period. Fully committed and honestly, the raw emotion on his face as he got his hands on it was fucking incredible. And aside from just Ovechkin, the final was peak hockey. Two incredible goalies, two incredible offenses, offense coming from 3rd/4th line guys and stay at home defensemen, and both teams going at 100 mph. Nothing new for Ovi, but putting up 15 goals while also running guys through the boards is why he's such a fucking good player. Best playoffs in a while. Here was my bracket, which was pretty fucking close... Now...to the drafting of Rasmus Dahlin and back to being a Sabres fan and getting my heart ripped out of my chest. He's fucking phenomenal. Generational talent. I just hope Edmonton manage to properly build around him or else it's all for nowt.
  8. Teabags

    Worst gig you ever played.

    Not sure if it was the worst but it was a bit....meh. Taking the ferry up to the Isle of Lewis to meet Deek from Oi Polloi (as he was doing gaelic radio up there) and play a gig in the the gym hall of a school with Filthpact and In Decades Decline. I think about 7 people showed up adn they all sat at the back of the hall.
  9. Also, a prime example of how much of a pain in the arse Aberdeen is... 2 years ago we toured with ACxDC from the States. We started in Bristol, then went Manchester, Hull, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, London, Plymouth, Nottingham and Newport. We didn't even bother taking the tour to our own hometown with one of our favourite bands because it was too out of the way and we'd probably do better staying further south. We did play Aberdeen on the final night, but that was only after we'd already dropped ACxDC at Heathrow to go back to the States, and we only played because there was a gig that night in Aberdeen and we were going home anyway. Driving from Heathrow to Aberdeen was about an 14 hour drive. It sucked balls.
  10. Also, a band from Aberdeen making it, if that were to happen, would do fuck all to the Aberdeen scene, really. It would mean more people in Aberdeen would go see them when they play a hometown gig. But only them. THose same people wouldn't suddenly start going to see smaller local bands. It wouldn't change where Aberdeen is geographically so other touring bands would still not come this far north. Would other 'made it' touring bands ever actually go "yeah, lets do the 6 hour round trip up to Aberdeen because 'The Bonnie Teuchters' are from there"? I doubt it.
  11. This is easily one of the biggest reasons. I imagine if my current band were based in somewhere like Leeds/Manchester we could be playing gigs almost every weekend without even need much compensation because there's way more cities surrounding you. However, we recently did a one off show in Manchester. That ended up costing us £150, and was a full 2 days with all the driving. So really we should have been doing a full weekender of gigs to make it worth it.
  12. Also, as a promoter that brings a lot of touring bands to Aberdeeen, albeit on a very small scale meaning I'm no expert,...the prospect of getting a band touring the UK to come this far north is not exactly attractive. If they play here on a weekday there's likely going to be no cunt at the gig. So you have to convince them to come to Aberdeen on a Friday or Saturday. Meaning giving up on much bigger cities on a Friday or Saturday for the biggest turnout they can get in Aberdeen which will, in all likelihood, be smaller than the turnout they'd get in Edinburgh/Glasgow/North England on those days. The only reason I get bands to do it really is cos they know the gigs are a lot of fun from either being here before or hearing it from other bands. Nothing I do will reflect the scene that most people are probably looking for. But the DIY doom/grind/punk scene in Aberdeen is still doing okay, probably because we understand it has small reach and treat it accordingly. And none of us put on the gigs to make money.
  13. Stop the council shitting all over any decent venue.