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  1. More than likely. Funny though.
  2. I know you said no drugs...but I'd be straight to a head shop to get some salvia and some dragon stones and speak to fucking God about math and shit.
  3. I saw him live once. Cheeens was on after him and started his set by saying "Please don't judge Aberdeen rap by that last guy. That wasn't rap. That was fucking bullshit." Made me larf. Cheeens is descent.
  4. Honestly, they're the worst...
  5. It was "played the guitar like ringing a bell", wasn't it? But aye. So long, pervert.
  6. Nah, he was really good. Then just in those dying seconds I played the position along the wall so he decided to just go up and try it. And fucking pulled it off. The dickhead.
  7. Got all excited about Sunn playing Glasgow in July. Then checked the date adn it's the same night as Boak are playing with Full of Hell. In Glasgow. So now doubley upset.
  8. Someone did this to me and I hate them for it. But also love them. Cos it was so fucking beautiful to watch. https://streamable.com/tshmf
  9. I know, hence the "I'm still" part of the sentence. You fucking rubber of other people's rhubarb.
  10. All of this. Plus I'm still upset about the rugby score.
  11. Went backt o Just Cause 3 just to wingsuit around. Fuck me it ace fun.
  12. Holy motherfuckin' shit, this has just appeared. https://nervealtar.bandcamp.com/album/stimulant ex Water Torture lads, doing INSANELY good PV. Iron Lung as fuck. Incredible.
  13. We have general waste bins and mixed recycling bins at work. AGFW: "Someone put plastic in the wrong bin" Co-worker: "It's non-recyclable" AGFW: "So? It all ends up in a hole in the ground anyway, doesn't it?" No hint of sarcasm. Legit meant that. Fucking hell.