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  1. Aye. Spoke to some other pals that have spoken to him in the last 15 years. And they basically said "yeah...he's a dodgy racist fuck now." Charming.
  2. Thread revival. A old friend from when I lived in Abu Dhabi, who was one of my closer friends, added me to facebook the other day. Ain't seen him in about 15 years. Here's the first comment I see him make on FB... Yep. Fuck that guy.
  3. Music achieves things? But anyway, I looked up the band's own stuff. What a mistake.
  5. Co-worker and I are talking AGFW says something over the top CW: "AGFW, wtf, I cant hear if you talk over him" AGFW: "Okay sorry" CW: "What were you sayi..." AGFW: "WAHBLAHBLAHBLAH" silence ME: "Well i guess that's the end of that conversation CW." AGFW: "Oh come on. It IS Valentines day."
  6. Best are probably Sonic Bucker or Hellriper. Worst...fuck knows. I stopped going to see shit bands.
  7. It's cool. He was in them but isnt now. So you can like them again.
  8. Yeah, but did you stop liking Absolutist yet?
  9. Holy shit. Steve Barron. Wow. This "You're married, I'm discreet" track. Wow. Talk to me talk to me Girl in the bar with a martini shaker Diamond ring on your 4th finger Wishing it was made of paper Maybe you should leave with me Live a life of make believe Daytime walks on the beach You're married and I'm discreet tags: alternative barron project steven singer talented Elgin
  10. Milner never did say how he could hate Boak when he had never heard us... However, we have heaps of recordings up now, and I'm fairly sure he'll think it's just noise, but I doubt he's had a listen. So he was right, while being wrong. Fucking schrodinger and shit. This thread was fucking great. Miss Lucid are still fucking shit.
  11. It really isn't shaking it up you fucking cunt. Go drown youself.
  12. 3rd Kaddish album will be out this year. That's all I'm looking forward to so far.
  13. You should update ca_gere in real time so he can go and ruin their date.