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  1. Morning. Yesterday I announced that The Used will be playing The Lemon Tree on Wednesday 11th February. Tickets available from Wednesday 3rd December at 10am from the following: http://www.seetickets.com http://www.aberdeenperformingarts.com http://www.gigsinscotland.com Pretty sure this one will sell out fast.
  2. So it's re-opening as The Garage it would seem. Pretty exciting. I could write pages and pages about the good old days - the highs, the lows, the memories, the down right outrageous and basically a lot of great times with awesome people but I'm sure it's all been said before. Here's to the old lady being back in the game; let's just hope she's done justice this time...
  3. Hi I'm Jamesy. I've been gone for a while now but I still book some gigs Here's my new website - It's Cool It's Okay I miss you all very much. x
  4. Thanks for all the kind words guys - it's been a hard secret to keep and something we've really grafted on over the last few months and we're delighted to be able to share it with everyone now - let's hope it's well recieved throughout the north east!
  5. Alright mate - been a while. It's a million miles from Feugh - see EE tomorrow. Ticketmaster made a blunder in somehow having that page live, but all will be revealed in the morning x
  6. When you pay up to 30 for one band in the Music Hall?
  7. Hey Strangers. How are we? Started looking after this lot recently - cracking band. Japanese Voyeurs on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Get on it. Aberdeen gig to come soon. x
  8. Tomorrow till Sunday dude - got Flood playing on Saturday night and will be out and about most of the time I'm here i reckon.
  9. Wait a minute... I'm not a cunt - people just want preferential treatment and when they get it you're a hero and when they don't you're the worst. Big deal, life goes on innit. The Streets sold out in like 3 days and The Secret Machines tour was supposed to be a Gonzo tour with Prefuse 73 supporting and Zane Dj'ing and as part of an album promo tour and it bloody ended up being none of the 4. Gutted I was, cracking band but stung us for like a grand on tickets. Broke with the bar though, so all good and the band were all about it. I seem to remember the figure 394 as attendance - which i thought was pretty fucking sweet actually. Aberdeen's hard as fuck. I can't remember any real stinkers that should've been sell-outs; we always really bombed on brand new bands where we relied on locals or older bands, as the we could never really break into the Lemon Tree's market. Alex Harvey Band and Rob Love were particularily horrid - and booking locals, in hindsight, was definitly always my weakness but sometimes there simply isn't enough hours in the day and with what became obvious financial problems within RFR as a whole - I didn't really have much cash to play with even though the music side was always profitable and we always strived to pay every band if it was at all possible. Local bands in Aberdeen get the best deal of anywhere I've known in the UK - honestly. Anyways, you live and learn; from what i'm hearing at MAMA HQ down saaauufff is that big changes are afoot at 'Moshulu' and they'll be cracking provided the promo team retract their finger out of their arse. I think Stevie's class (I hired the loon, after all) but for the life of me I can't understand the apparant downturn in live music considering the infrastructure Moshulu has became a part of. It still bemuses me that venues don't have subscribable blogs - every time you announce a gig you stick all the details in a post and all the subsribers get an email. Much easier and more practical than mailing lists or twitter. Aberdeen's a wee bit of an anomaly; National Ads don't seem to dent much. But bang out a hundred a3's and chuck them to Al Caithness to distribute and bob's your uncle. That, up to date website listings and maybe a monthly King Tuts style flyer distributed and it should be easy enough - bookings the harder bit. I remember not selling out Blood Brothers or Pretty Girls Make Graves and being completely distraught about it but alas it is Aberdeen and in the grand music bizo zeitgeist it's always going to be a secondary market. Still, I'm up Wednesday through Sunday so if anyone wants a little promoter crashcourse - I'm pretty cheap
  10. Tell me you've got a gig this week?!
  11. Actually, I watched the first one and was quite happy as it seemed relatively reserved and I couldn't see what all the fuss was about! Then I watched the second. Oh, to be young again. Incidentally, I think I talked myself into trouble and didn't get any that night at all. Ach well.
  12. I can't believe you went through the hassle to get this online. I hate you, Bri.
  13. Steven mate, don't get too stressed bud; you can never win. Although, it is worth getting 100 posters done and giving Al Caithness a ring to put them up for you if he's still doing it. He's good likes.
  14. Haha, that night was a giggle; from memory I think I'd finished work an hour beforehand, went home and showered and got changed with Christina (Norman's Fetish, my then other half) and made myself some punch that consisted of half a bottle of vodka, 4 bacardi breezer and 4 of those shotz you used to be able to buy mixed with a bottle of Sunny D. I think Ben won it that year and I just decided to accept for him and have a bit of a laugh with it. The next year I was there but I think Christy picked up the award and I wasn't even in attendance in 07'. No offence to Fudge, but I think that year was the last time the Fudge Awards was old school and a real good giggle and I guess then their was still the remininents of the old Aubl scene which seems to be about deceased these days..But what'd I know, I've now somehow managed to find myself residing in London Town. Here's to Fudge...Now I'm going to read that thread for a giggle... J
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