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  1. Looking for tickets for Jake Bugg at the Reading Rooms in Dundee Spetember 23rd Please email: rowan82@hotmail.com Cheers
  2. I have for sale: 2x tickets for Steel Panther Edinburgh Corn Exchange Friday 9th November £30 for the pair? If interested please PM me! Thanks
  3. Hey, Looking for 2 (pref standing) tickets for Emili Sande at the music hall! If you have any then please drop me a line: rowan.reynolds@petrofac.com Thanks
  4. They are playing the Tunnels this Friday (Jan 20th)... Tickets on the door, so that might be a shout!
  5. I'm also looking for a couple tickets, once NorthCountryGirl has been sorted out! Thanks
  6. Andy's posted this info on the 30th of October! One up don't have tickets yet! (i've checked!)
  7. Any idea when tickets go onsale for the Blue Lamp gig? Thanks
  8. Looking for a couple of tickets if anyone has spare? (please pm me)
  9. Hi, Anyone have any spare tickets for Example @ The Forum for sale? Please PM! Thanks
  10. Not seen this posted! Example is playing The Forum this Saturday (30th July)... No sure where the tickets are available, One Up? I heard a rumour that there might be some Norther Lights type activities at the Lemon Tree this weekend, but have heard nothing about it??? Anyone
  11. Still no word on the Saturday headline act? I'd have thought they would have announced it by now, not really a good way to sell tickets...
  12. Does anyone know if Stevie Nicks is supporting Rod Stewart in Aberdeen?
  13. No more infor on the TBC acts? I guess it's not going to be Pete Doherty since he'll probably be in jail... ?(
  14. Anyone know who is supporting! Makes the difference between turning up at nine and have a few beers in town or paying 4 for a luke warm bottle of miller and standing about all day...
  15. Anyone know about this up coming Seaton Park Festival? Line up, ticket info etc? I read on the AFC forum and they proposed line up is mad, doubt it's anything more than rumours and wishes so far...
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