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  1. Thanks, not too sure at the moment. I've gone along to the ceilidhs at the music hall and think they're great, although a sometimes little too crowded. Really want somewhere where there's enough room for tables to sit everyone, somewhere with a licence for drinks too.
  2. Have been fundraising for a charity for many years and have a wee bit of a passion to hold a charity ceilidh in Aberdeen. Can anyone suggest some good venues to hold this at.
  3. Thank you, wasn't anything major as no one was hurt but still could have been a potentially serious accident esp with petrol trucks on one side of the road. I'll be sure to do that.
  4. Can anyone let me know if there are any witness requests for a car incident on North Anderson Drive at 6.45ish on Monday 23rd January at the roundabout which heads towards Queens Road, going left to Seafield Road and right to Cromwell Road. I witnessed the whole thing but sadly, couldn't stop as there was a queue of traffic behind me and the traffic moved forward and didn't want to hold anyone up as both lanes would have been blocked off. Have felt awful all day, thanks guys.
  5. Anyone got any maccabees tickets for the lemon tree next sunday going spare?! its for a friend, please let me know. Thanks.
  6. Thanks! I won't be going back to Mokoko anytime soon, my hair is still recovering 6 months later! Hair was cut an inch shorter than it should have been, was different lengths at each side, had a long bit and then a sudden short bit and just looked like it had been hacked at with a hedge cutters, haha. Had to spend out more money to get it fixed at another hairdressers and got told that it was probably one of the worst cuts she'd ever seen. I'd been for a cut there before that and it was fine, nothing wrong with it but after that really bad cut in May, its just put me clean off ever going back, which is a shame. My hair usually grows in pretty quick over the summer but it has taken ages to come back in and now its at that growing out stage, its needing tidied up again.
  7. Anyone recommend a good hairdresser in Aberdeen that doesn't cost the heaven and earth?! I just need a small trim, so not looking to spend a fortune and not too sure of The Cutting Station/Supercuts as I've not heard an awful lot about them. Any good recommendations?
  8. .Yeah, that happened yesterday morning with the number 3 bus at 8am ish... Woman started having a rant at the bus driver, don't know what she said but it was pointless. The bus was packed to the rafters. I cut my losses and walked today, easiest way.
  9. Yeah I agree, I passed my driving test at the start of the month. My car is 54 miles away back home and I'm not even allowed it through to Aberdeen til I'm confident to drive it on my own and til the weather is better. Annoying, yes but there's no way in hell that I would go out in snow like that. Just totally terrifies me as I think I'd know for sure that I would be one of those drivers who would crash. I'll leave it to the professionals for now!
  10. The fact First bus have pulled a shedload of night bus services - Kincorth and Garthdee being one so that's me now stranded on a taxi rank for the foreseeable future on nights out from now on! So mad. Yet they have the brass neck to put on a number 3 bus to Cove only, which doesn't even stop at Torry... what's the point? It could just go through Kincorth like it bloody used to! First Bus in particular boil my blood. Rock on getting my car through to Aberdeen... only problem, can't drink and drive.
  11. anyone selling? gutted i missed out! argh! xxx
  12. Well I'll update mine: Best: Temping in a oil service company for 4 days - was meant to be a receptionist, got put through to purchasing instead, super chuffed! Second best, working in a bar just outta aberdeen. Super chat with the locals, really miss it actually. Worst: I used to say the bakers... but I managed to stick it for 3 years of my life so couldn't have been that bad. By far, Primark: the job - the soul destroying nature of the job, folding clothes up over and over, only for the members of the public to come up and completely make a mess used to make me lose it. No one spoke to you, there was sometimes a language barrier between you and the managers who were difficult to understand and got decisively frustrated when you misheard what they said - classic example: skirts and scarves. Finally, I've had OCD for the past month, all brought on since working in there, so bad, I'm contemplating seeking counselling or getting medication. And there's no talent... The next time you think on taking a job in there... just keep walking. You will find something better people, I swear! (If you must work in there, make sure you're open minded and have a damn good sense of humour!)
  13. Aye, you're telling me! It's just a phase I'm going through... so I keep telling myself day in, day out. Its called being unsettled and out of routine or sometimes, when I get out my sleep, just plain stupid, actually I think its that most of the time. Not going to make any excuses, I always thought finishing uni would lead to a full time job I'd enjoy. Its not worked out that way and it came and bit me clean in the rear so I'm forced to making the best of it. I'm not the only one going through this and i know that someday, things will come okay. Got a week off the temping soon, so heading home to chill out and get myself in order.
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