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  1. Hopefully it stays as a music venue but not sure on the rumours to whos buying it. Still think theres space for a decent gig venue of its size if someone with the know how and dosh to get the right bands in. Dunno how the Rileys thing will effect it or if it was a false truth to get Mama out. Its a steep rent for the place and the rates on Bassment are massive. The Cathouse never had much luck running bars only in the nightclub side. With Mama not soundproofing, i think they were on the get out quick when any problems flared considering now all the venues and mama group are going up for sale by hmv
  2. Friend working at the selling agents. They are due to move in February. Hopeflly someone with the know how and bring it back to the good days, especially Bassment
  3. Just got notice its going to reopen. Loved the venue when Ross ran it before Barfly fucked things up as usual. Anyone any ideas what its opening as or whos opening it?
  4. Was having a chat with some people at work and they wanted to go see a band but were put off because the venue was about 10/15 minutes from the main bus station. (about a mile or so!) Just wondering if that puts other folk off etc? For me if i want to see the band, i'll go to the gig no matter where it is in the city. Some of the best venues i've been too are technically "out of town" and i can never work out what a central venue would be. In Glasgow Captains Rest is West End and Barfly/Cathouse on the River which are totally different ends. But in Edinburgh everythings around the train station area but he wouldn't consider going to Leith for a gig which is not even that far.
  5. Cheers folks Anyone any links to pics? Or pics of bands using them?
  6. cool cheers folks! what size roughly are the rooms in each? rough would be ace! down here its really a mix bag from small to really huge!
  7. Hi folks, wondered if any of you can help me and give me some info (hopefully pics) on studios you practicei n. Looking for somewhere to practice and there doesnt seem to be as huge a selection as down in Glasgow. Where do you practice? Whats it like (photos pleassse!)? Prices? Equipment? Staff decent? How many rooms they have? Where/what to avoid? Do you hire from them, what ? Whats it not got you want? Where/Photo/Price/Avoid is prob most important. Thank you :)
  8. FIGHTSTAR Saturday 18th March 2006 Glasgow Barrowlands. Cant attend the show now. Face value or best offer? gotta go quick
  9. nice one how bigs the tunnels ? any advance tickets ? Glasgow was cancelled and never rescheduled
  10. Soundhaus. Hydepark St, Glasgow. Just next to anderston train station...short walk from Central station.
  11. For Sale 2 Tickets In Downstairs Standing Area For THE BRAVERY !!! + Guests. 24th November 2005. Carling Academy Glasgow. Face Price is 16.50 per ticket. PM ME PLEASE.
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