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  1. @Lemonade - I recently used to do just that and they've been great. Had prescription sunglasses, my prescription changed so just got them to replace the lenses. They have a terrible Comic Sans based logo but they're a GBOL so I let them off. Also reasonably cheap and there are often voucher codes at
  2. Also get better scouts. But no, once the game has started you can't change it. The in-game editor will let you see all stats if you wish, though, but you have to pay (I think £3?) to enable the option.
  3. Oocha fucker, soz - didn't have any clue as to what it cost!
  4. I think the one most familiar on any recording I've done is "Antares" Auto-Tune. The window looks grey with blue bits on it (so helpful). It has certainly served us well, anyway.
  5. IIRC there's a good third party skin that does this for you, worth looking out for. I have been absolutely killing FM17 with my 'Derby' formation. Started a Dons game and won the league and league cup first season, league and Scottish cup second season. Now rolling in Champs' League money with £20m in the bank and a hefty transfer budget. If anyone is interested in THE JOURNEY, I might be convinced to supply details and screenshots.
  6. How often do you Google "Roger Kimmett", @Cloud?
  7. I guess it's 'cause they call have 'drip' coffee machines and don't drink tea.
  8. When you (even) grind (bro), do you cafetiere it or percolate? Or another method? @Soda Jerk / @Lemonade
  9. I'd be happy to get involved.
  10. Incorrect, because you are wrong. Pinkerton, Butterfly aside is the best Weezer record. Also I think the production is great.
  11. I think it will be a great success.
  12. So Celtic have drawn Linfield in QR2 of the Champions' League (providing Linfield get past a San Marino club side in QR1), with the first leg looking like being in Belfast on 12th July. I'm sure that will pass without incident, of course. Aberdeen have drawn either a Kazakh side (again...) or a Bosnian side. Both probably quite horrible trips. Let's hope we can sign some players before then.
  13. What is 'yawn' about that?
  14. No worries! Drop me a note when/if you do make some plans..! morrice[dot]adam[at]gmail[dot]com