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  1. Ab-mus memories

    I have missed your avatar.
  2. FOR SALE: Ampeg SVT-Classic Rig

    PRICE DROP 3: This Needs to Go £1250 pls
  3. Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

  4. Ace-ic....

    This is exciting, I haven't had a PM on here since 2014. MAYBE THE COMEBACK REALLY IS ON.
  5. Ace-ic....

    I have thought about this too, but it's so important for band stuff I can't really. To be honest, I chat with pals on Facebook and slag off a lot of posts on there with people and browse Insta. Rarely use Twitter. It's also where I get all of my fake news. I will be coming to Poland reasonably soon, so in the absence of any way of getting in touch (and assuming you're not trying to cut me out) then please find some way of sharing your number (if Chang has it I can get it off of him!).
  6. The worst thing i have ever heard/seen

  7. Burst ear drum...let's 'hear' it.

    Regale me with stories of when you (or someone you know) have burst your/their ear drum, how it happened, and how you/they obviously made a full, unhindered recovery (just in time for your/their wedding of course...). (Yes, I burst my ear drum and damaged my ear canal on my stag weekend by forcing a leg of my glasses in there by mistake when I was pulling on the head of a monkey suit. Obviously.)
  8. Top Gear

    Clarkson is definitely an arsehole.
  9. Weekend

    Heading up to Inverness with THE LADS, a group of about twenty - staying in the same lodges that we recorded TLK album in. Taking up a bunch of music gear and stuff, some activities planned (I don't know what these are). Booze, obvs. Should be a good een providing they don't destroy me. The guys for a long time didn't realise my dad was also in the Whatsapp group, which has been interesting...
  10. Ab-mus memories

    The Good Old Days™
  11. Weekend

    It is my stag do this weekend. RIP in peace me, send help, etc etc
  12. Ab-mus memories

    Believe it or not, Colon Open Bracket are back.
  13. Ab-mus memories

    Anyone remember that dude Peter Dow?
  14. Peter Dow's political defence -v- "criminal tweets" charge

    How's that working out for you (or anyone)?
  15. Aberdeen Local Music Scene Survey