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  1. Adam Easy Wishes

    Aberdeen-Music stalking.

    I'm pretty sure the English leagues have to want them which is...unlikely.
  2. Adam Easy Wishes

    Favourite Ever Aberdeen band.

    Me too, tbf.
  3. I imagine it looks a little bit like one of those fake defensive walls that footballers use to practice free kicks. But blacker.
  4. Adam Easy Wishes

    Aberdeen-Music stalking.

    Yes, and clearly the bus entered Stonehaven to allow fans to have a drink or use toilet facilities or get something to eat. To be honest if there was a lie to be made up involving Rangers fans being dicks then I'm sure Dave would have managed to come up with something other than kicking in his son's sandcastles.
  5. Adam Easy Wishes

    Ab-mus memories

    In what capacity do you continue to pursue music?
  6. Adam Easy Wishes


    Your boss looks like a right hoot - does he always stand and watch you work like that?
  7. Adam Easy Wishes

    TV Series!!

    Plus, THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER right? Right?
  8. Adam Easy Wishes

    What's the most iconic FIFA song?

    "Tubthumping" by Chumbawumba, from FIFA Road to the World Cup '98.
  9. Adam Easy Wishes

    Bands that have made mistakes on recordings

    And all whilst recording the most consecutive appearances in the English Premier League. Impressive.
  10. Adam Easy Wishes

    Bands that have made mistakes on recordings

    Forty is pretty good going, tbh. Good effort.
  11. Adam Easy Wishes

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    I didn't know anything much about Alisson either, but enjoyed this article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44875174
  12. Adam Easy Wishes

    11 years old!!!

  13. Adam Easy Wishes

    10 easy wishes read

  14. Adam Easy Wishes

    Football Manager 2017

    He's probably doing just fine in his day job without the hassle of playing under you as his manager.