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  1. Adam Easy Wishes

    Quick Questions

    Stage 1: Gain their trust
  2. Something like the Hug and Pint in Glasgow would be perfect - nice wee bar/food place upstairs with a decent, small venue space downstairs.
  3. It's been said previously ( @colb in here, I think) but a ~80-cap venue is exactly what ABZ is missing to attempt to try and gather some kind of scene. If there was a venue where there were small shows on every night (other than tribute/cover bands), of all genres, that would be ideal. Dr Drakes was great for this - it didn't matter what was on, if I had an hour or two to kill in town before a bus home or whatever then I'd head there for a drink and to hang out and nine times out of ten bump into someone I knew for a blether.
  4. Adam Easy Wishes

    Local Music in the Evening Express

    We've had a reasonable amount of coverage in the last couple of years with a new record and stuff to talk about but it's always needed us to drop something in their lap and give it a push rather than JOURNALISM.
  5. I play in a band that does okay. We do a lot of 'down and backs' when we need to - i.e. work, leave the city around 5pm, soundcheck, play the show/radio/whatever, return to ABZ the same night - and it's tiring. We are in a fortunate enough position that the band stuff kind of takes care of itself re: money and fees vs our expenditure but that has taken actual years of hard work to be able to be in that position. If we were trying to 'make it', we simply couldn't do the things we needed to do whilst maintaining our jobs in Aberdeen. All the relevant/important shows as far as Scotland goes happen three hours south of here - even to get a decent support slot with a touring band ('medium' touring bands don't come to Aberdeen for the most part and 'big' touring bands don't need to). We use a lot of holidays from work on band things which is absolutely fine because it's good fun, but the older we get and the more commitments we have individually the more difficult it is to co-ordinate. The fact is we're all into it and we love it so we continue to make personal sacrifices to manage the calendar but we are definitely more picky about the opportunities we take up, because we have to be to make it work. There's also the simple fact that playing too often in your home city can cheapen what you're trying to achieve there. Keep 'em keen and all that.
  6. It's always about getting punters through the doors. There are some goods artists doing good things in the city but the public just don't really care. That in turn is a cycle - bands maybe start out with some promise, play a couple of shows to four people in Drummonds then decide to pack it in because it isn't really very fun/what they were hoping for. So they don't ever develop any further.
  7. Honestly, it's an interesting discussion but it's impossible to create what Glasgow has in Aberdeen. Aberdeen has its little pockets of gig-going punters that have their own 'micro scenes' if you will, and that is absolutely great (and this isn't designed in any way to belittle that), but there's just not a greater appetite from the general public in Aberdeen for shows. I'd be interested to know how you define 'making it'? There are some bands and promoters doing some good things in the city but there's always that balance between DOING IT and also having work/family/life commitments.
  8. Adam Easy Wishes

    Punk Recommendations - Name some Bands/Albums

    Get hold of some of the Fat Wreck compilations. Again less shouty, more 'pop punk' or 'skate rock' for the most part but they're a good flava: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Fat_Wreck_Chords_compilation_albums
  9. Adam Easy Wishes

    What are you currently listening to?

    Look at you always coming up with the goods!
  10. Adam Easy Wishes

    Ab-mus memories

    Let's try and keep Peter Dow away from this thread, at least for the moment.
  11. Adam Easy Wishes

    Quick Questions

    Ricky from The Deportees has started making his own pedals - just for fun/him, I think - but he might be able to help! Let me know if you want me to check/pass on details.
  12. Adam Easy Wishes

    Quick Questions

    Duct tape.
  13. Adam Easy Wishes

    Ab-mus memories

    I have missed your avatar.
  14. Adam Easy Wishes

    FOR SALE: Ampeg SVT-Classic Rig

    PRICE DROP 3: This Needs to Go £1250 pls
  15. Adam Easy Wishes

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2018