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  1. AVB

    Quick Questions

    i reckon I could outrun her
  2. AVB

    Quick Questions

    did the undertaker have a kid who also became a Wrastler?
  3. AVB

    Ridiculous News

    if only he could fly
  4. AVB

    Ridiculous News

    everything about this is rediculous and hilarious https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/10/icp-fred-durst-dropkick/
  5. AVB

    The Places to Go in Aberdeen

    Theres the odd decent gig here n there, usually at Musical Vision, Krakatoa have the occasional gem but they pump out a battle of the bands every summer now, thats a good few months of rotating local bands of varying quality. Captain Toms have started putting on shows again.. there's one there on Saturday 20th - Deadloss superstar, Dirty Trick, Crow Mantra & the Mamertines should eb a good crack
  6. AVB

    The Places to Go in Aberdeen

    if you like cover bands and acoustic nights you're in luck
  7. AVB

    What are you currently listening to?

    just got round to checking out Greta Van Fleet. the Robert Plantyness of his voice at first made me dismiss them as a Zeppelin rip off, but its earwormed its way into me liking them, even if they are a Zeppelin rip off
  8. AVB

    TV Series!!

    I seem to always watch BCS late at night and fall asleep about 2/3s in. miss the plot point then have no idea whats going on in the next episode so I gave up on it.. I dont wanna rewatch the bits i didnt miss to catch up on what I slept through.
  9. AVB

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2018

    pay your R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 'S https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/16/obituaries/aretha-franklin-dead.html
  10. AVB

    TV Series!!

    ah im not that far in yet, Just started season 2. He is an odd lookin dude though.
  11. AVB

    TV Series!!

    why have I avoided Arrested Development til now?! what a fucking brilliant show
  12. AVB

    TV Series!!

    yeah, watched that one last night. What a place favourite episode so far was the JFK one, that chauffeur sure loves to talk eh haha
  13. AVB

    TV Series!!

    Ive watched a few episodes of Dark Tourist on netflix, its not great, but ts good enough to keep watching The Host is a shit Kiwi version of Louis Theroux whos end of episode summaries are always really shite/obvious - 'My Illegal detour over the fence into the radioactive wasteland was more stressful than i thought' ...no shit He is really good at taking the piss out of people in a way that they don't realise there piss is being taken.. its entertaining '
  14. AVB

    Gigging Advice

    literally everywhere. Every pub in town seems to have started an acoustic night recently. If your on FB add yourself to the Aberdeen Musicians group, there's usually people on there looking for acoustic acts