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  1. AVB

    Last film you watched?

    I saw that a wee whiley ago, was pleasantly surprised
  2. Ha! aye Repugnant were decent, he did a bunch of projects but Ghost is the only one that blew up. I really liked the first album, the output since then has been patchy, some ace tunes, some terirble. I get why folk dont like em but diffrent stroeks n ah that shite. none o this has owt to do with the Deen though... back to bashing MMW?
  3. Ghost are the only band I can think of that might fall into that category, they're massive just now. Cant say im a fan of the new album, But they must be raking it in. the sheer amount of merch they produce is almost on par with KISS nowadays. Id imagine mr Forge is living pretty cushty off of that alone. but aye, Making a living off playing music alone is pretty much a thing of the past
  4. aye its still there but its heavily geared towards DJ nights, the odd rock/metal gig still happens but they are always horrendously underpromoted. ILast time i went to one a band that i saw play a sold out venue in Glasgow play to 12 people ( including the 5 members of the support band) in the tunnels a week later
  5. That band Cold Years seem to be doing well for themselves, They just did a few dates in Germany.. other than them theres not much outside the Teabagsy scene. from my experience its pretty much a circuit of Musical vision - Drummonds - Krakatoa on loop then the odd trip down to Edinburgh/Glasgow when the work schedules line up. its shite.. even Krakatoa is less of an option now cos if your a local band looking for a gig between June and September they're gonna want you to do the Battle of the bands thing which is fine But 3 summers in a row of bands not getting paid for gigs is a bit much. On another note, getting folk though the door is nigh on impossible. look at Full metal haggis, Captian Tom put on a sick little 2 day event, heaps of bands, reasonable prices and a bus going to a from the venue.. nae cunt showed up. when questioned why 'there's nae that many good bands on the bill' 'its too far' ' i cant be arsed' ...abysmal
  6. AVB

    Worst gig you ever played.

    that doesnt surprise me at all, was there not a big scandal about them being peadophiles? also lol at 'crunkcore' cos Crunk wasnt quite bad enough already
  7. AVB

    Ab-mus memories

    SAME! Put Rosa on there too
  8. wow, Colonopenbracket.. thats a blast from the scene kid past
  9. AVB

    Fender champ 12 red knob for sale

    LOL red knob
  10. AVB

    Gibson are skint.

  11. AVB

    Gibson are skint.

    fuck, that Explorer thing is Heinous
  12. AVB

    Gibson are skint.

    been a long time coming, they're prices have been more and more ridiculous as the quality gets worse. good riddance
  13. AVB

    Aberdeen Celebrities!

    ah my bad. tragic that there's more than one story of this ilk.
  14. AVB

    Aberdeen Celebrities!

    that guy was most likely Daniel. sad story, he used to skate with us back in t' day. he was a good guy but started partying too hard and ended up on smack, selling himself for money to score..usually at golden square. he died a few years ago he was only like 22