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  1. DIRTY TRICK - Foul Play EP

    Are you aberdeen local? I can get a hard copy to you
  2. we just released out EP - FOUL PLAY Track 1 - Chuggernaut is up on Bandcamp - https://dirtytrick.bandcamp.com/ some feedback would be appreciated, cheers!
  3. Pet Hates!

    and a battle to compete for a spot to battle for the spot!
  4. Pet Hates!

    that's a fair statement, but what you said originally was 'any support slot at any venue' which is a rediculous statement. but yeah, I agree with your expanded explanation haha
  5. Pet Hates!

    How does one accomplish that if they never get a gig to gauge their great/shite-ness?
  6. Pet Hates!

    tell her shite dad jokes till she fucks off
  7. TV Series!!

    the cutaway from Jorah's scabby tar tit to the pie crust was phenomenal
  8. We've finally got our debut EP sorted! get down to MV and party with us August 19th at Musical Vision £8 on the door first band on around 8pm BYOB ! DIRTY TRICK Aberdeens hard rockin Riff heavy reprobates finally getting their debut EP out! www.facebook.com/dirtytrickband HEXIS Glorious back metal/hardcore/post rock band Hexis are bringing some extra heaviness to the evening, all the way from Copenhagen! www.facebook.com/Hexisband MULTI-STOREY LOVER high energy Bluesy rock and roll from Perth in the vein of ZZ Top www.Facebook.com/Multistoreylover
  9. Last film you watched?

    Watched John Wick 2 last night, was really impressed by the camera work more than anything else, Filming a gunfight through a house of mirrors without catching a single camera man or drones reflection is no easy feat
  10. in the end, it doesn't even matter
  11. Hotel looking for regular artists

    which hotel bud? and do you have a backline etc?
  12. Advice needed

    there are loads of acoustic night in town, I don't know the legality of having someone as young as you in the venues though? I'd suggest you contact Siberia or the Wig on facebook and they can probably give you some advice
  13. Pet Hates!

    the term/word 'millennials' its wank.
  14. Ace-ic....

    Was at a Wedding this weekend, watched a Cajun Priest get absolutely shitboxed on Tequila and do the worm up and down the dancefloor, it was great
  15. Something I learned today

    absolute madness