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  1. jokes

    this could be the plot lines for an entire season of Mrs Browns boys. that show is truly terrible
  2. What are you currently listening to?

    And now so am I, Good shout!
  3. Last film you watched?

    agreed GAME OVER, MAN' is way better and dickier than expected Went to see A QUIET PLACE in the cinema, it's pretty damn good! the stairs scene is boak inducing. good jump scares and an interesting if slightly nonsensical premise, the ending was a little too Marvel for my liking but its a solid modern horror Also LIFE has been added to Netflix, easily one of my favourite comedies, Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence are bootleggers framed for murder in 1932 and do life in Prison.
  4. The worst thing i have ever heard/seen

    on the topic of face tatts and shit rap - what an absolute skud.
  5. Burst ear drum...let's 'hear' it.

    you misspelled hilarious! on a side note, a burst ear drum on a stagger isnt too bad, at lease you didnt end up with hearing Aids
  6. "Aberdeen teenager recording album in US"

    holy shit haha i was working in G.Reef the day this kid came in to film, forgot he existed till i saw this thread. is that the 100 emoji tattood on his neck?! thats tragic. ace tash though
  7. Top Fives

    oh shit yeah! its definitely Lita's fault that i have a lifelong thing for 'goth' chicks haha
  8. Weekend

    are there enough stagger stories on here to warrwent a thread? could be entertaining? mine involved a skateboarder stripper and getting hit by a taxi, it was fucking ace!
  9. Top Fives

    I havent seen any WWF in over a decade BUT 10/11 year old me thought the hardy boyz were amazin haha was also adamant I could take Spike Dudley in a 1 on 1
  10. Confessions

    Im gonna hop on the I dont get SCI FI train too.. anything to do with space I just switch off, Couldnt stay awake through Star Wars if you paid me. same goes for LOTR & the Hobbit movies.. any old timey period type stuff sends me into a coma too BUT I love Game of Thrones?
  11. Top Fives

    R.L. STINE.
  12. Ab-mus memories

    Fuck haha I must admit I joined a reincarnation of that band under a different name. fuckin hilarious cringe fest. though it lead to opening for Towers of London and subsequently getting into a fight with the one that was on Big Brother I still wear my girlfriends jeans.. old habits eh
  13. Ab-mus memories

    ah. never mind.. we shant go down that road
  14. Ab-mus memories

    tell me more
  15. It would have been much easier to just reply 'No'