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  1. AVB

    TV Series!!

    why have I avoided Arrested Development til now?! what a fucking brilliant show
  2. AVB

    TV Series!!

    yeah, watched that one last night. What a place favourite episode so far was the JFK one, that chauffeur sure loves to talk eh haha
  3. AVB

    TV Series!!

    Ive watched a few episodes of Dark Tourist on netflix, its not great, but ts good enough to keep watching The Host is a shit Kiwi version of Louis Theroux whos end of episode summaries are always really shite/obvious - 'My Illegal detour over the fence into the radioactive wasteland was more stressful than i thought' ...no shit He is really good at taking the piss out of people in a way that they don't realise there piss is being taken.. its entertaining '
  4. AVB

    Gigging Advice

    literally everywhere. Every pub in town seems to have started an acoustic night recently. If your on FB add yourself to the Aberdeen Musicians group, there's usually people on there looking for acoustic acts
  5. I was like 16 at the time, and kind of avoided hospitals for some unknown reason. I just went home and hoped I could sleep it off... the nest day my folks noticed I was walking funny & made me go in to A&E
  6. I tried to boardslide a handrail after a few beers. completely botched it.. legs either side of the rail, which was longer than my legs so entire bodyweight came down on my baws. the zip on my jeans somehow burst through the inside of itself and the pully bit mashed into my foreskin & japseye leaving a mangled bloody mess. seriously the worst pain i have ever experienced. I pissed nothing but thick black blood for a full day before deciding to go to hospital. Internal bleeding, ruptured urethra, multiple sets of stitches the whole 9 yards. now i'm a jew And about a week post op I had to have the worst wank of my life on a happier note, a bruised up willy wrapped up in bloody gauze looks incredibly similar to a kilted sausage
  7. In the Original Louie Louie by the Kingsmen, the drummer misses a beat and shouts FUCK at around 54 seconds in. I never noticed it til someone pointed it out and now its my favourite part of the song
  8. AVB

    Pet Hates!

    agfw who goes into far too much detail in every story he tells and ends each one with a fake mutley laugh and an enthusiastic 'classic' while rubbing his hands together like a fucking dick
  9. AVB

    Good things about Aberdeen

    except i'm a toonser, toonsers are feckin bams min.
  10. AVB

    Good things about Aberdeen

    teuchters>toonsers the shire is fucking ace george street is hilarious when the sun's oot
  11. AVB

    Lyrics that don't make sense

    'Only time will tell if we stand the test of time' thanks Sammy Hagar, you twat. do do n dodo do doo do do doodo
  12. is this the original 106 'Middle aged man driving home from work' playlist?