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  1. Last film you watched?

    I watched Drive the other night, I wasn't expecting much but i actually enjoyed it, totally not the movie I thought it was gonna be
  2. Can I get in for '18.. whats the scoop
  3. Pet Hates!

    Your work sounds like its full of complete Mongs
  4. TV Series!!

    agreed, utter shite. I get they were trying to build up 11s transformation but it didnt work. the main points of it could have easily been a truncated storyline in another episode. As for those 'punks' ..gads min
  5. ironically it has absolutely fuck all to do with music.
  6. TV Series!!

    The final 2 episodes of Stranger Things 2 definitely made up for the slow start.
  7. TV Series!!

    SHIT YEAH! Big Mouth is awesome! on the cartonn note I finally got in to Rick and Morty, didnt get it at first/didnt want too cos yknow.. stranger things season 2 is a disappointment made only slightly better by sweet sweet Winona
  8. TV Series!!

    I dunno man, I liked it from the get go.. maybe not the show for you
  9. TV Series!!

    Mindhunter on netflix is great.
  10. Pet Hates!

    I have the shits from an Iffy lunch and the bog roll at work is way too thin.
  11. Pet Hates!

    pet peeve: Enter Shikari.
  12. Pet Hates!

    sounds like Royal Mail did you a favour, ENter Shikari are gash.
  13. Pet Hates!

    it was truly shite. can't blame folk for getting bored in the backseats to be honest. Can't think of a more unsexy film though
  14. Pet Hates!

    I worked in a cinema for a while, Have never set foot in one since. when you find a puddle of jizz after a showing of Shrek 3 you kinda get put off.