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  1. ScottRobertson9

    Band Members Wanted

    Nae worries, I'll put something up if we are doing any gigs
  2. ScottRobertson9

    Band Members Wanted

    Alright. Me and my dad have been recording demos for the past wee while now and are wanting to start playing live soon. We are looking for a drummer and bassist, although a keyboard player would also be good. It'd be good if you could do some backing vocals as well but it's not essential. I'm 15 and my dad is 44 however we wouldn't care about age. We are influenced by lots of bands including The Byrds, Teenage Fanclub, The Velvet Underground, Wilco and The Smiths. I'll leave links to some of our songs below. If you are interested, reply to this or PM me. Cheers https://soundcloud.com/user-585818724/godspeed-it https://soundcloud.com/user-585818724/just-incase https://soundcloud.com/user-585818724/to-you https://soundcloud.com/user-585818724/strange
  3. ScottRobertson9

    Are there any good cheap power supplys

    Update: The power supply is working great with almost no noise or ground hum. Highly recommend it. Thanks everyone for your advice.
  4. ScottRobertson9

    Are there any good cheap power supplys

    Hi, I've opted for the Harley Benton Junior. Cheers everyone
  5. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows of any good cheap power supplies, been looking at the fuel tank but just wondering if there is anything cheaper.