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  1. Forest and the Dons both let me down on Saturday. Faith is shaken, drinks have been drunk.
  2. True Dat! He's a lovely fellow really that Craig. Slumped or not he's always personable. Doesn't have any Cancer Bats on CD though which is frankly unforgiv....shite.
  3. Ronin was on the usually morally ambiguous Channel 5 the other night. Good times.
  4. He does do a lot of shooshing this one...
  5. Build up our hopes and dash 'em. Just your style Lupe Fiasco's new album 'The Cool' is out this month. I couldn't resist a sneak preview and I'm delighted to report I think it's ace. Pretty Kanye-commercial moments are outnumbered by intelligent lyrics and interesting tracks. Unkle are on one of the highlights too. Pleases my ears anyways.
  6. I thought there'd be more of a "WITCH!" sort of uproar in this thread by now 'cause it does sound like madness...
  7. Is it me being a neep that I'm not 100% sure which are the New Year ones? Too high to play piano is pretty damn high.
  8. Well it does just say it's their favourites though rather than a be all and end all, I just thought of it like my own personal list: opinionated and only stuff I have I quite enjoyed the Aversion writers lists for some reason: Aversion.com | Interview With Various Artists
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