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  1. vakunoht are ace! me and scott put them on with Enablers at the Tunnels a while back..i think that was even a couple years back, or a year and a half? i need to go remind myself! and yes it is gordon from macrocosmica i urge everyone to go see them...sadly im not around for it tonight
  2. nope, not from aberdeen...has just worked up here on various projects with Retro Rebels/Kreepsville etc and yes as you can see he doesnt *just* do live music/band related stuff...so is open to working with anyone who may want to do something cool
  3. just puting this out there for our London based photographer friend Al Overdrive who has his work regularly featured in Terrorizer/Rock Sound magazines, amongst others... you can check out his work here The Photography of Al Overdrive and here, where he was recently announced winner in 'Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2009 Category: This is Britain' Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2009 winners - Telegraph He's gonna be in Aberdeen for a few days over the New Year period and is up for working with any bands while he's here who may be interested in getting some promo/live shots done. He has unsigned and indie rates.. here's just a small list of some of the people he has worked with and still regularly works with.. Rock Sound, Terrorizer, Skin Deep, The Sunday Times, asos.com, Alternative Magazine, Deck Cheese Records, Redback Productions, Nettwerk Music Group, Duna Records, Roadrunner Records, Visbile Noise, Double Dragon Records and the BBC. if anyone is interested you can contact him at al@al-overdrive.com thankssss
  4. rough stage/floor (!) times MIN DIESEL 8.45ish - 9.15ish HEY ENEMY 9.30ish - 10.10ish GATECHIEN 10.30ish - 11.20ish notice the *ish*
  5. yep will get on case tonight with working out times etc! woo this is sunday!!
  6. wow only just checked this band out...mental....is this one of mike's choices?!
  7. haha no probably not! they've called the aberdeen punters sheepshaggers for all the years they've been coming! also i just remembered that someone told me everytime they see their name on the poster it kinda reminds them of the word 'catshit' ...must remember to tell them that too!!
  8. hahaha yeah dont remind me...we got into a lot of trouble for the scotch egg incident!! zippy!!!
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