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  1. Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster play the Tunnels on Wednesday 26th May
  2. they're playing the barrowlands on may 5th
  3. Wish I could go but it's the day I head down to Reading festival saw them in Dundee recently and the new songs are great
  4. Rob

    Hot Chip tickets WANTED

    i've sent you a pm
  5. so what time do the little kicks finish? i really want to miss them
  6. well i'm really excited about this gig. and yes it will sell out quickly
  7. Sky Larkin are support for the glasgow and edinburgh shows. Hope they play the aberdeen date as well
  8. i love that Be Somebody song which is on the video on their website. I can't wait for the new album. Because of the Times was my favourite album of last year by miles.
  9. yeah i thought Make Model were supporting
  10. Hmmm....will people complain as much as the glastonbury crowd? July 21st at AECC by the way
  11. anyone know times for this then?
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