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  1. AlexandhisLaptop - Tracks - SoundCloud feedback appreciated, unless it's bad in which case I'll hunt you down with a syphilitic mackerel and give you a good basting. due warning. gigs to follow? o_O (this is my favourite smiley)
  2. Alex

    portable recorders

    the zooms are pretty ace. the h4s have external ins and you can record 4 tracks at once. or, just use a minidisc recorder
  3. BBC NEWS | Scotland | North East/N Isles | Guitars attacked for playing away
  4. Alex

    Recording Brass

    def +1 on the 421/RE20. We *did* end up using a '57 over DPA. Neumann and akgs for brass a couple of weeks ago though. RME fireface preamps kick ass btw.
  5. Alex


    as a skint homeowner, go hyperinflation, go!
  6. Alex


    bit of a meh, though i'm sure i'd have fun fannied on a dancefloor. modeselektor, milanese, x makeena
  7. iron maiden(/gnr?) - the one with the girl getting fucked by the robot on the cover. i was 8.
  8. Alex

    Chemical Bros Vs Oasis

    milanese are the shit. chemical bros vs oasis was shit. roll on dour festival !!
  9. Alex

    thoughts on aberdeen

    It's been dying for a while, trust an outsider
  10. Alex

    Mike Patton

    I'd get up to aberdeen for that. and fantomas are fucking ace bryn.
  11. Alex

    good pasta

    make your own! 100g semolina, 100g semolina durum wheat, couple of eggs. blend it all together 'till it's nice and shiny, roll it out flat, make some funky shapes and leave it out to dry. bob is actually my uncle.
  12. Alex

    Radiohead support

    I had a great daft time at that gig. Wouldn't have minded some more elongated electronic songs - they always end just when i'm getting into them. 2+2 was gorgeous, karma police was ace and I had one of the better kisses of my life to All I Need. Pleasantly surprised! Stripey, "I'm not telling anyone how to live their lives" - technically not, just the way that they are is pointless. Over, and over, and over again. They should follow your positive example! listen to your releases, go to the night you've put on, go see the examples of good shit you've brought up, go see you play, help you support the few decent things going on. Oh, wait a second. Twerp.
  13. Alex

    vocoder pitch changing voice hardware

    the one on the novation (only used A and K station, but it's on loads of others)'s is pretty decent - 12 bands of aceness. And a nice tasty synth thrown in! The one on the MS2000's lovely, and you can route in an external signal for the carrier. Don't know about standalone.
  14. Alex

    any *good!!* rappers?

    I've been looking for a/some *good* (can't emphasise that enough) rappers to chop up and sprinkle over tunes of much phatness. Linguistic ability important. Think modeselektor.
  15. I'd hate to see your basement.