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  1. Perhaps the polar bear had a similar chip on its shoulder.
  2. KimyReizeger

    Brewdog WINS!!

    To be honest - having played there - I don't think it's all that important whether or not people clap in such a restaurant environment. I feel people can enjoy the music without having to make such a direct gesture; the absence of clapping doesn't necessarily indicate the absence of interest or pleasure. That said, I'm sure your applause was appreciated.
  3. KimyReizeger


    Yeah that's a lot of interest. Does anyone know what dictates something like that? They're not going to go bust in year two are they..
  4. KimyReizeger

    New music/novelty shop

    The guitars in Celtic Chords are actually pretty good.
  5. KimyReizeger

    Union Terrace Gardens

    Just google it...there is no single conclusive and fair summary of the benefits and disadvantages of either project.
  6. KimyReizeger

    Best place in Scotland to buy an acoustic guitar?

    True and nicely put.
  7. KimyReizeger

    Best place in Scotland to buy an acoustic guitar?

    Nah not yet; it's kind of gone off the priorities list for the time-being. I considered a second-hand Lowden in Guitar Guitar but it didn't have a pick-up unfortunately. I will definitely return there when desire to buy resurfaces.
  8. KimyReizeger

    Best place in Scotland to buy an acoustic guitar?

    Forgot to update this before, but it turns out Guitar Guitar in Glasgow is a spanking good place to play top-end acoustics. There is a big selection of the very best: Martin, Gibson, Lowden, Collings and others. Really friendly staff and a good attitude towards potential buyers.
  9. KimyReizeger

    Songs that make you FEEEEL

    Happy - Popcorn, Kraftwerk Sad - gnossienne no.5, Erik Satie (thanks Alan Cynic for reminding) Angry - Yeah, Usher feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris Sleepy - An Ending, Brian Eno
  10. KimyReizeger

    Good local bands

    *cough* https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=180342168692331
  11. KimyReizeger

    Brewdog WINS!!

    I think it might have something to do with you saying the word 'camden'.
  12. Really enjoyed the gig. I did feel that Wood Pigeon was at his best whilst singing alone and without the band though - how about that encore? Eagleowl were decent and I liked the Boards of Canada feel to a lot of it. Rob St John a little too much the faux-poet for my stomach.
  13. KimyReizeger

    Good local bands

    Thanks. Will let you know if anything comes up.
  14. KimyReizeger

    Good local bands

    We're both big Neil Young fans so that makes sense. Glad you liked it!