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  1. Actually can someone delete this thread please im not going to sell it. Ta.
  2. Its the Mexican powerhouse strat in yellow with the live pick ups. dont be put off by the fact its mexican read the reviews on Harmony central Fender Deluxe Powerhouse Strat: Harmony Central User Reviews oh and your welcome to try before you buy, I'm 13 miles outside inverness the photo below isnt mine, ill get photos soon. 450 - kidmoustache@hotmail.com
  3. nah but someone is wanting to buy it of me for more than my lowest offer on here lol so I kinda wanna delete this maybe ill just edit the thread.
  4. guys, is their anyway a mod or myself can delete this thread?
  5. were playing up in thurso their is no need give me monies and some pedals
  6. can you do scot-ads online? lol treader your so gonna buy it .... i could put it on ebay but its such a hassle sending it, id rather give it in person
  7. 220 for the Ibanez it comes with a flight case .... help a brother out
  8. I'm back through gigging in aberdeen on friday so if anyone wants this for 370 grab a bargain
  9. any offers on the jazzmaster? I'm kinda desperate for cash.
  10. actually 400 for the Jazzmaster if you can have the money by Wed night .... cash only
  11. I'd do both for 650 thats a damn good price, if not i think ill stick them on ebay
  12. cheers DJ , yeah its a damn good pedal, I'm even considering keeping it, was only selling that and my Jazzmaster because I'm skint but hopefully that wont be for too long! I'd love to have an origonal one! it would be nice to see what the diffrence is like
  13. 450 is probably as low as Ill go, might just slam it on ebay
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