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  1. Alphas are looking to expand our line up to include someone to play synths and/or guitar. We are an indie-rock band and having released our debut album last year intend to get back in the studio first of all to record a single or EP ahead of arranging gigs. If you are interested or have any queries just message here or email alphasliveemail@gmail.com. Links are below to listen to current tracks. www.alphas.bandcamp.com www.soundcloud.com/alphaslive www.facebook.com/alphaslive www.twitter.com/alphaslive
  2. Alphas are looking for a new drummer to complete a current three piece line up (possibly going to look for a keys/synth player as well). We're an indie-pop band and previous drum parts tend to feature quite a distinctive rhythm on drums but we'd welcome any style of play. We're both in our 30s but age not necessarily an issue. For more info, links to tracks and social media as follows: www.soundcloud.com/alphaslive www.alphas.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/alphaslive www.twitter.com/alphaslive Over the last year we released our debut album, played XpoNorth and were nominated for Best Newcomer at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards. We're hoping to continue progress in this next 12 months and certainly hope to have another release, be it in the form of an EP or second album. We'd be looking for someone willing to be commited to practicing fairly regularly and playing in and out of Aberdeen. There may be some financial expenditure if we record again so may require some commitment. Anyone interested either message me here or email alphasliveemail@gmail.com.
  3. Our album is now available for a free download ar www.alphas.bandcamp.com. Happy listening!
  4. A bit self indulgent perhaps as my band is one of those nominated but there are several Aberdeen based/originated nominated at the Scottish Alternatve Music Awards this year. Just a couple of days left to vote if anyone is wanting to help some local acts: Best Newcomer - Alphas Best Acoustic - Best Girl Athlete Best Live Act - Kathryn Joseph Best Rock - Dear John Best Hip Hop - The Ill Collective Best Electronic - Lockah http://officialsama.co.uk/vote/NOW/ Awards may not be everyone's cup of tea but seems like pretty good recognition from Aberdeen.
  5. And just been nominated for Best Newcomer at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards. HUZZAH!
  6. We're finally going to be releasing our album A New Fire on the 25 Sept. Due to a few circumstances we've decided to put it out as a free download rather delay any further so will be putting it up on Bandcamp then and will likely look at having some physical copies at gigs. All the tracks are now available to listen at www.soundcloud.com/alphaslive. Positive or negative comments/feedback always appreciated.
  7. Releasing our first single today on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play et al. https://soundcloud.com/alphaslive/here-comes-the-burn-single-out-060415
  8. Cheers! We recorded with Steve Curtis at Floortom Studios. Would definitely recommend it.
  9. Well its taken us long enough but after lots more recording, re-editing and mixing we're moving closer to getting things released. Just wanted to post up some tracks that are going to be on our upcoming album so any feedback would be welcome. Here Comes The Burn is going to be released as a single in April though.
  10. Cheers for the comment! Next gig for us is at the Moorings on the 25th, which should be a good one. Some linkages for further updates from us: www.facebook.com/alphaslive @alphaslive
  11. We're gigging this coming Saturday at Downstairs with Turning 13 among others should anyone want to take a listen.
  12. Cheers Jan. Terminal is probably the odd one out of all the tracks and we kind of realised it was a bit daft so decided to stuck with trumpets! They're not part of the live sound though and if anything that song comes across a bit rockier at gigs. Nothing confirmed in terms of gigs at the moment but likely we'll have something arranged in about a months time. Thanks again for having a listen though.
  13. Just thought I'd give my band Alphas a bit of a plug and try and get some feedback on our recordings. We've been playing sporadic gigs over the last 8-9 months but have been concentrating on recording an album with three tracks below. https://soundcloud.com/alphas-aberdeen/revolutions https://soundcloud.com/alphas-aberdeen/terminal https://soundcloud.com/alphas-aberdeen/dna We're hoping to pick things up in the next few months with finishing and releasing the recording, touring but also getting some gigs sorted here first. Hope you like the tracks but thanks for listening regardless.
  14. Alphas


    Really looking forward to seeing this. James McAvoy looks like he's nailed the part going by the trailer.
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