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  1. My friends son wants to learn guitar and they are keen to put him to a tutor so he can learn to read music and progress to doing grades etc if he gets into it. Can anyone reccomend someone suitably qualified?
  2. KSJ81

    Pet Hates!

    Today's pet hate: thieving little cunts. They should get their hands cut off!!! Came home from work today and noticed our communal bike shed had the lock bust open. Sure enough my bike is gone. 3 locks on the fucker too although they only cut 2 of them as far as I can see. the 3rd secured the front wheel to the frame as it's a quick release. I hope the fuckers at least lost a finger in the process of hacksawing the locks. Fuck the lot of them. I wish them the worst possible death!!!
  3. We got travel cards last time we were in Holland. We used them on trains, trams and buses. You just top them up and scan them when you get on and off the public transport. But, when we were heading back to the airport we didn't have the minimum 25 euros of credit on them even though the fare is only 5 or something and the guard tried to charge us 55 euros for the privilege! We politely declined and ended up being escorted by transport police from the train at schipol with our 2 year old on a gruffalo trunks thinking it was the best thing ever as daddy was goin to jail! In Amsterdam I've done the stadium tour, heinekin tour and a canal boat tour. All very good. Also stayed in The Hague and done madjuredam and went through to Rotterdam for a day mainly for the zoo!
  4. I voted no the first time round... What it came down to for me was the yes campaign did not do enough to convince me that I should vote yes. Lots of shouting and mud slinging from both sides and this annoyed me as I felt that there were no real answers to any of the big issues. I'm a creature of habit and unless I can really buy into something I'm not gonna get behind it. fast forward to now and I guess, at present, I'm undecided. I am dismayed that we are facing coming out of the EU and that is down to the rest of the uk. This alone will play a big part in my decision come the vote along with how both sides put across their arguments. If Scotland staying in Europe can be negotiated together with a definitive answer on currency then that might sway me who knows? Certainly not me just now
  5. Nah. He modded them himself and glued a poker chip onto one!!
  6. KSJ81

    WTB: DI box

    As title suggests. Looking for a DI box. What have you got?!?
  7. That's pretty cool. I'm gonna pop over there later this week see what they have. cheers
  8. Is there anywhere in ABZ to hire mountain bikes? Did a couple of days up in Aviemore last week and really enjoyed it. Checke Google but could only see one place in Peter Culter.
  9. KSJ81

    Gear For Sale:

    I'm looking to potentially shift on some bits as they are surplus to requirements just now... Vox AC4 TV Head and 1x12 cab. 4 watt valve amp with attenuator to select between 1/4 watt, 1 watt or 4 watt. Tone and Volume controls. Its in very good condition with 1 small rip to the tortex on the cab. Looking for around £190 Jim Dunlop DVP1 Volume Pedal in very good condition. £50 Zoom MS-50G Versatile multi FX in a single stomp box. with power cable. Again in very good condition £50 Souncraft Spirit Folio F1 analogue desk with power supply. 6 mono channels (1 need fixed) 2 Stereo channels. In good working condition. the power supply is not original but was made by a very good tech years ago. £40 Finally a Squier Affinity Telecaster in Black with white scratch plate. Chinese made, maple neck and fret board. Good condition but could do with a new nut. with a soft case. £100 Open to offers. I can try and get some pics up later if I can get in about to the back of the cupboard where everything is being stored! PM me if interested. Kev
  10. dunno about fun day activities but I would say you can't go there and not take in Scarra brae. The chapel in a Nissan hut done by the Italian POW's. There's the scuppered German war ships and of course one of the best distilleries in the world, where they still malt their own barley. Oh and the nightclub in Kirkwall - can't for the life of me remember it's name! But what a night out. Only bettered by the one in Thurso!!!
  11. KSJ81


    So no one has been out since 2015!! Well I'm out tonight with @Adam Easy Wishes who is currently working up a thirst at the office. Not browsing aberdeen music!! Food, pints and a catch up. Quiet day tomorrow. Friends for lunch on Sunday then off to Holland for a few days so extended weekend for me
  12. I'm after a cheap overdrive and reverb pedal. Around the £30 mark each. Anything out there gathering dust?!?
  13. 150cm long. 38cm deep. 79cm high. In mint condition. £40. Can send pics on request.
  14. If I go for a P90 at the neck it will. I'll check out the Nocasters though. Cheers.
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