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  1. It was a thread previous to this that actually led to us booking Estrella, I recall Laura and myself figuring that a band would have to be really good to inspire this much jealousy and derision on here, and we weren’t dissapponted. Yes the music was unfashionable, but fuck me even back then they were tight, had their sound figured out, and put on an excellent show. The diversity of, and depth of talent in, the local music scene back then was truly something to behold!
  2. The tragic events of this weekend left me feeling nostalgic, so I started digging through some threads on here... All seems so petty now, doesn’t it? In the end I reckon that Estrella went on to achieve far more in the intervening decade than 10EW ever did, although both bands were great in their time. RIP Nathan/Tommy, hope you had a blast, you were an absolute joy to work with.
  3. Without bandana Craig, with bandana Flash. BTW - That article bears no resemblance whatsoever to the press release sent to the EE, which didn't mention Hawaiian, Hawaii, or "themed" in it, so fuck knows... I wouldn't have the slightest clue what a Hawaiian bar actually looks like inside. STV did a much better job.
  4. Please could someone change the name of The Moorings Bar's forum to Krakatoa? Thanks Flash
  5. Can't reveal the new name because it's top secret, and only a handful of people know it. There are various rumours circling, which we are ultimately the source of, but whether anyone chooses to believe those or not is entirely their call Most of the other changes have slowly implemented over the course of the past 5 years, and although the toilets have been taken in an entirely new direction, the rest of the building resolutely remains a dive bar (in the true context of dive). We've always targeted the students to some extent, and were fixture at the student fayers until last year, when we reached the point of demising returns and decided to invest our marking budget into live music instead. There are no plans whatsoever to turn the place into a dedicated student bar, except perhaps on the morning of the 1st of April 2016, when one shall be erected on the site of our former absinthe distillery. Am aware of various other rumours floating around, none of them accurate. Happy to answer any questions, so fire away!
  6. Flash@TMB

    Oggy Watch

    In the bar yesterday with his sister, had one pint, left sober, went home to his wife, just in time for tea.
  7. Still waiting for a photo of Ewan with Phil photoshopped on his thumb.
  8. *COUGH* perhaps this vote should be a paper only one?
  9. It should mean diligence against foul play. I'm going to start using it and pass it off as a real word, along with antivate, antivated, and antivating.
  10. Antivation is a great work. What would it mean?
  11. To the best of my knowledge, as things presently stand, a bar can only be held partially responsible for someone becomming the victim of something, not the perpetrator. So if someone gets drunk, and is then the victim of GBH, the bar who served that victim might be held partially responsible for that. However the bar that served their assailant(s) would not be held in any way responsible. Likewise someone gets drunk and is mown down by a drunk driver, the bar who served the pedestrian gets into trouble, not the bar who served the driver. Don't take this as gospel, it's just my understanding, based of what we've taken heat for.
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