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  1. FAT HIPPY BATTLE OF THE BANDS Hey all, Just a quick reminder that sign ups for the BOTB closes on Monday at 8:00pm!!! Submissions have started to gather nicely but we'd love some more! Any genre or style welcome! Don't miss out on a great opportunity because you couldn't be assed to fill out a few questions!!!! Sign up info and link >>here<< (p.s. Hows my poster design? lol)
  2. when does this poll end? o.O totally forgot about it haha
  3. I dont really see why it needs restarted? ... Dont know whats hard to believe about 2 guys with 600+ friends on facebook being able to muster a rather slow 42 votes....
  4. Just wanna say, to HateEvent, If you look at my news feed on Facebook you'll see that i have spammed everybody to no end on it and literally sent everybody i know a message asking them to come on here... So yeah... But yeah, we do want it, so we are working hard, I like to think taking it from moorings on their own turf would be a pretty cool recognition and dammit i could use a win! Hard work pays off and all that jazz!
  5. Also... Incase you dont know what or where Downstairs is... Since we are new... >>>> DOWNSTAIRS <<<<
  6. Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/192696464251120/ This is the perfect place to buy, swap or sell your unwanted gear or pick up a bargain! Brilliant because you can try before you buy! This will be our second one following the success of our last one where lots of networking happened, some sales and good times all round!!! Get Involved! _______________________________________________________________________________________ > > Downstairs < < Click for all your music needs!!! Bands Wanted, Promoters Wanted, Other Events wanted and Friendly banter on tap!!! *Surprisingly this looks more like an add than it should haha... * _______________________________________________________________________________________
  7. Hey Guys and Gals and everything inbetween!! My name is Gav! One of the owners of The Malt Mill and Downstairs! (www.Facebook.com/DownstairsAberdeen) We are looking for bands willing to play shows so we can start booking up next year now! Simple message the facebook page (Preferd be me) or email Gdbars@Gmail.com (I don't deal with the emails really but Dave always lets me know about bands messaging it ) So yeah, any genre, any experience although currently 18+ only please We may be able to do 14+ soon, we find out on december 10th when we have a board meeting with the licensing board in Town House! Promoters! We are willing to negotiate to give you the best deal on using us for your shows!!! So please get in touch!!!! Hope to hear from you all soon!
  8. Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/567246513344844/ With Support from... Darklights Sansovino Shangri-La What more do you want for Mad Friday? -Gav! Facebook.com/DownstairsAberdeen
  9. Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/568491399887896/?previousaction=join&source=1 With Support from... Ben Light Callahan R.d. Wyness Its going to be an absolute belter of a gig!!! -Gav! Facebook.com/DownstairsAberdeen
  10. So pumped that we got nominated!!! didnt even know about this!!! Hopefully gonna smash this!!!
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