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  1. Bab 5 is ace, I think it the FX still hold up, given they were done on an Amiga or something...it's the at-times excrutiating acting that bothers me sometimes ("Get the Hell out of my galaxy!"), but the story is untouchable...
  2. Kicks off at about 9pm, fiddy bucks prize! Grr, argh!
  3. Afro Droid


    That used to give me the willies like nothing else on earth (sic) when I was a kid - nightmares, the works. I watched it again recently and pissed myself laughing. The original show really doesn't stand the test of time IMO. And apparently, rather than having the visitors real reason for coming to earth to eat people, they've come seeking religious devotion: massive BSG rip-off.
  4. Afro Droid


    I've read a bit about it (the remake), it sounds like it'll be massive Battlestar (remake) rip-off. It's got the sexy dame from Firefly in though...
  5. Photo here.... You've found the soldiers of fortune! Now you can hire... The A-Team! -- Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.
  6. Possibly the greatest game ever IMO. Played for 40 hours straight once, stopping only for toilet and food breaks....
  7. I'm in the midst of reclaiming my charges from Lloyds TSB using the template letters from that site. TSB charge around 25 per day for an unplanned overdraft. Bastards.
  8. It's the bomb - as were the X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter games...
  9. I fucking love this show, and movie; which has the best space battle I've seen in sci-fi for ages. It's criminal that it was cancelled. So disappointing that we'll probably never know what Whedon had planned for Sheperd Book's mysterious past... There are Chinese people in the series.
  10. Purchases over the weekend... Deep Space 9 seasons 1 & 2 Thundercats season 1 Good times
  11. Last night I watched Knowing, was OK, again fairly predictable towards the end; but better than I was expecting.
  12. The Day the Earth Stood Still (original Robert Wise-directed 50s version) Awesome, so much better than the shite re-make. Still stands up for a 50-odd year old movie. If you like like Sci-fi this should be essential viewing. 8/10 Angels and Demons Bog-standard, predictable Hollywood sequel fare that completely lacked any balls at all. Totally tip-toes around any criticism of the catholic church. Plus, wouldn't sky detonation of an anti-metter bomb shower the Vacitan in weird big-bang radiation? 4/10
  13. Genius, just genius. Anyone seen True Blood? (Can't be bothered looking back this thread). Any good? starts on Channel 4 soon. All I know is that Anna Paquin gets them oot...
  14. Yup, there's been talk of a Magneto movie for a while, and an X-Men: First Class movie (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Angel, Beast), which will be impossible to fit in around the current X-movie continuity, but hey-ho...
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