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  1. Aye, that's the one. Excellent choice of picture btw.
  2. Sunday nights, eh? Think I'm free this sunday night..
  3. Anniesland College in Glasgow does a full-time course. It's very good.
  4. Bobby


    its been too long since i saw neighbours....
  5. Bobby


    so, stingrays dead. about time.
  6. Bobby


    olivers a cock. i want to play the computer game that pauls obsessed with. at least stingray dies soon.
  7. Bobby


    this whole carmella/oliver veggie company thing is fucking dire. i wish uncle ray would just shoot her.
  8. i believe crown lager is now available in the moorings.
  9. i dont have any piercings but my mate tattooed my leg with a sewing needle when we were steaming. ace.
  10. aye i'll be there, getting warmed up for my impending birthday. i saw clear blue skies on the telly and they were a bit gash. hopefully they wont be on saturday.
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