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  1. Does anyone know of any Luthier courses in the Aberdeen area, as I am interested in build my own guitar etc? Cheers Rob
  2. Drummer and singer needed for alt rock band. Style of music: Rock/Alt Metal music with crunching riffs and odd time signatures. We like to experiment and try new things, always looking for a new sound and angle for writing songs. written music for a few songs but have yet to write any lyrics. influences include: Metallica, Muse, Tool, Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine to name a few. Anyone interested please pm me.
  3. Alt Rock band requiring lead singer to join guitarist, bassist and drummer. Our style is Hard Alt Rock with melody, but with a bit of punch behind it. Influences include Rage, Creed, Metallica, Muse, Alice in Chains etc. Anyone interested please pm me. cheers Rob
  4. Guitarist and Bassist looking for good drummer and singer for alt rock band. We have written some music to a few tunes. influences include RATM, Metallica, Muse, Alice in Chains, Creed etc. Anyone interested pm me. cheers
  5. Do you have any pictures of the guitar?
  6. ascension are a mile better than anything jake wifebeater could ever produce. wifebeater sounds like a drowning cat in horse manure. that said everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even if it is out of jealousy!
  7. White Epiphone Les Paul Custom for sale. 350, in very good condition. Bought for 500, worth every penny. Beautiful guitar! If anyone would like to see photos of the guitar, pm me and I will email them to you! Thanks
  8. I am trying to sell my Zoom G2 effects pedal. I am willing to let it go for 50. RRP 64.99. Hasn't been used much and is in great condition. I don't use it anymore because I used separate pedals now for my effects. Has built in tuner. Anyone interested please pm me! Thanks Robert Link to pedal is below Zoom G2 - Guitar Effects Pedal | Dolphin Music
  9. I dont think it is the amp, because whenn i turn the tone pot on the guitar down it stops, but i'll try my guitar with another amp and see what happens!
  10. I have had some problems with my electric guitar and there is a slight buzzing that comes through the amp. This goes away when I touch the strings though, which leads me to believe that it is an earthing problem. I also just bought a brand new guitar which has the same problem! Does anyone know if I can sort this out myself and what the problem is? Ive tried earthing some of the pots in my guitar, but the buzzing still occurs.
  11. Ive been doing the same, just for fun and experience! I think it's always good to experiment too, just to see what different combinations of equipment sound like together!
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