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  1. shit, also, how cheap is a pint of lager, and where's the closest place to snowboard and skateboard? thaanks.
  2. i was looking at the tunnels site. looked a bit big for what i'd be planning to do. that said though. did the suicide file and hope conspiracy dates get good turnouts? strange that the aberdeen venue was bigger than the london ones though.
  3. yeah that sounds cool man. what are the turnouts like, and who've ya had up there before? also, anyone wanna start a band, i do play bass, and vocals. like really fast three chord shouty punk rock.
  4. i'm coming to uni in aberdeen in september. and, i'm really into putting on shows, bands etc what are the best venues to use, and what are the costs if there are any of these venues, and that's pretty much it. so if someone could give me a shout, that would be very cool. nick
  5. erm, their best album for me is process of belief, EVERY song, apart from broken is amazing. the gray race also has my favourite bad religion song, come join us. i've seen them three times, and they were amazing all times. even though they're a bit of a big venue rock band, which i kinda don't like, i'll always love bad religion.
  6. apparently, coke, fanta, sprite, or whatever that comes from a 'tap' as in, from a bar. isn't vegitarian friendly...due to something they put in to preserve it. just thought i'd add that.
  7. good stuff, what an disgrace of a human being.
  8. haha, exactly. i had this discussion with my family about me being vegitarian, and they were like... "you know, some vegetarians only eat fish", and "some vegitarians eat chicken" so they're not vegitarians then!
  9. cut the shit bones brigade suicide file minor threat black flag bad religion modern life is war cant think...
  10. just because it ends in 'core' doesn't mean it's related. metalcore is just a shit form of metal. are potatoes the same as tomatoes?
  11. whilst not meaning to be a wanker, hardcore has got NOTHING to do with metal, or 'heavy mosh'. thank you.
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