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  1. Have a fake Gay-Pride march at the same time as them. A proper pink-floats an' glitter cannon doo with hunners of us just dancing Fame style on cars etc etc
  2. Benji

    TV Series!!

    I just started watching this. Brilliant so far!
  3. I disagree. Starbucks gave me this voucher thing, good for 6 free coffee's of my choosing when I missed my bus - was late for work - and got a written warning. All because they took 17 minutes to process a caffe latte. And I got a voucher from Pot noodle when they discontinued the 'Posh-Noodle' range which I fucking loved. All in all, you get what you put in. o_O
  4. Fuck that is scary. How flimsy was that stage! RIP
  5. This is the defining post of the thread. Brilliant.
  6. Pish. How to survive in Aberdeen? Be a health and safety executive who plays golf and devotes his time to Christianity in a fake way. Thats 101 in this city, bitch!
  7. I started with the Dons. Was with them for Four seaons. Won a few cups. I got the Man City job. I was there for three seasons. Won the league in my last season. From there I went to Chelsea, I really don't know why because I got sacked. Was unemployed for ages. Then got the Real madrid job somehow. Now I'm on the verge of being sacked in my third season, sitting 3rd. After all I've done for them in that three seasons. Won two leagues - Won two Spanish cups - Won one Champions League - Supercup, Intercontinental Cup - Two Spanish super cups and i signed Rooney for 90M. I'm keeping tabs on the Man City and Liverpool jobs. My Family can't settle in Spain
  8. I think Crimewatch will be involved before this business closes down.
  9. A Dog looking at something beyond the camera.
  10. So, Facebook is about to die and it's about to be replaced with Google+ apparently. https://plus.google.com/104560124403688998123/posts
  11. Aye Slains Castle is a sight and a half. I went there last year and got the shivers just looking at it. Good shout.
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