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  1. usually im to drunk to remember any embarasing moments defiling a friends mothers wardrobe is probably the most embarassing
  2. nirvana are over hyped and over played, why won't they let him rot in peace? WHY!?
  3. some one get me a 6ft three ckicken tikka sub, right fucking now
  4. thats the funniest thing ive read on these boards ever! :laughing: :laughing:
  5. out of curiosity, does anyone know any songs that fits them perfectly, in a lyrical sense? mine would be "something to change" by pennywise Another boring day just fades away a cycle thats never going to change another casualty of humanity awash in my own stupidity it's like i dont want to try, theres no reason why a cyborg theat waiting around to die got nothing left to prove, i got no excuse a wastoid with nothing left to lose anyone else got a song?
  6. cool! incubus the day before bad religion in the same city!!!
  7. all i can say is the human eye is more receptive than a camera and i called it like i saw it
  8. bare in mind that they'll be from bucked tooth underagers ie -16yrs old
  9. you need to have a background check done by the police then you have to sit four evening courses in fire saftey, drug awareness, first aid and all the moves you need to restrain people and a spare 120 quid for registration fees and college course fees
  10. its all sorted now, my boss knows the pricks boss he he victory is mine its just cocks like them give all the good bouncers out there a bad reputation and that really pisses me off
  11. last friday i was working on windmill brae when i saw a bouncer from henry js throw out a pisshead who then stood and called out the bouncer for a fight. for fifteen minutes this guy continued to block traffic, kick passing cars and threaten people and still there was no radio call for a cop car to come down to pick him up. the bouncer then grabbed the guy wrenched his arm so far up his back his left hand was touching the right side of his nose, dragged him to the alleyway between moshulu and where i work and beat the shit out of him. real brave considering the drunk was too drunk to defend himself so i radioed in about what i had just seen. 10 minutes later the bouncer comes upto me and says, and i quote"ever pull a stunt like that again and we'll leave him(the drunk) and come ater you" etc. then some other bouncer came upto me and and said, again i quote," do anything like that again and you'll have worse than him(the first bouncer) to worry about and i'll personaly make sure that you never work another door in aberdeen." no wonder most people think all bouncers are dickheads with cunts like these who cant do their job properly or are in it for the wrong reasons ie letting underage girls in in exchange for oral sex or simply to abuse their power. hope the fucker gets fired then charged for assault
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