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  1. That might be it actually Hmmmm I shouldnt have said I'd do this..
  2. What do you think of Mercury Rev and have you heard the single Across Yer Ocean? Who does the singer remind you of? I'm reviewing it but I cant think who he sounds like.
  3. Is that not in Virgin? Or have HMV and Virgin got the same offer going atm?
  4. All you drivers out there Anyone want to give a nice girl (me) from Westhill a lift home after the gig on Sunday? The buses really suck for times on Sunday nights and I don't drive... Cheers, Lucyx
  5. *Lucy*

    Gig Bag needed

    I love you Robert! I'll pay you for it! Altho...is it a single, double or triple bag?
  6. Any trumpet players looking to sell a decent condition double or triple gig bag to a very loving new owner? Please! Lucyxx
  7. Gutted! Grrrr and I was hoping you had ones that you wanted to sell to me!
  8. 216 bus takes you to the shops and then you walk up the hill a bit to the ashdale hall. You can catch it from the bus stop outside Game on union street
  9. How much knowledge of it do you have already?
  10. Yeah, mine's not working at all either grrr
  11. Never really got Sylvia Plath but loved Cathcher in the Rye...don't know what that says about me... ?( Favourite poet...has to be Philip Larkin
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