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  1. Dean Blunt- Black Metal Found this an odd listen in that I don't think I've ever felt simultaneously immersed in and totally distant from a record whilst listening. The guitar work on the first few tracks had a nice, hazy Kurt Vile sort of feel, which I liked, the girl's vocals were great and I dug the call and the response stuff, but I found the main vocal really jarring and off-putting. Some of the longer tracks in the middle showed promise, nice sparse beats and wordless vocals, but then (particularly in "X"), there were blasts of dancehall/euphoria sounds coming out of nowhere that really didn't fit with the rest of what was going on. Some of the harsher electronic stuff reminded me of Encre, but a lot less interesting. The last few tracks where there was a more grimy, spoken-word vocal worked better, but I sort of felt I was done with the album by that point and wished he'd taken more of that approach throughout. There were elements here that I did enjoy, however the album as a whole felt disjointed and lazy, a bit of an identity crisis, and I almost felt that it was intended to be a difficult listen. 2/5 Ariel Pink- Pom Pom ...and almost instantly, I found myself pining for Dean Blunt. I really can't articulate what it is I dislike most about this record. "Plastic Raincoats" felt like it was made to be a soundtrack to some kooky mobile phone commercial and the playground chanting was infuriating. Then there was the excessively glam guitar work, the weird, uncomfortable porn groove stuff and pan pipes. PAN PIPES. It's hard to believe that this was a record released for listening pleasure and not a sleep-deprivation tactic from Guantanamo Bay. I certainly felt like I'd been waterboarded with Red Bull, or Relentless, or something even more ropey. I considered giving it one point for actually being able to provoke such a hostile response from me, but since I hated everything about it, I ended up with that Ugly Kid Joe song stuck in my head which only exacerbated my fury. NIL POINTS The Decemberists- What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World I really like The Decemberists and all the essential ingredients are present here: theatrical lexicon, orchestral flourishes, skillful musicianship and lovely harmonies. Might be a grower, but finding this lacking in big memorable songs. The single is great and a lot of the folkier tracks have a bit of a Richard and Linda Thompson vibe, which I liked, but overall quite a safe yet palatable listen. 3/5
  2. "Other bands/side projects" maybe? Also, this was great. Really looking forward to more discoveries!
  3. I think it felt long to me as it definitely felt like it was in "parts", if that makes sense. There was (for me anyway) a definite shift in style between the tracks at the start and the end. For me, it felt like similarly paced and sounding tracks were grouped together, which maybe contributed to it feeling longer than it is on paper.
  4. Water Torture- Pillbox I seem to have become a lot more receptive to this sort of stuff in the last couple of years. I can take or leave fast blasts and that sort of thing- I don't find the whole pace thing too impressive and it can feel like a bit of an endurance at times. That said, I thought the low-end riffs and vocals were totally ferocious and I imagine it'd be outstandingly visceral live. Felt all the noise interludes worked well and added a really unsettling quality to the record as a whole. Would love to see it live. 3/5 This Will Destroy You- Another Language When this initially started, I really liked it. Really ethereal sounding and some of the synths in the first track in particular sounded very Eno-esque. Then they ruined it for me by hammering on the volume. The drum sound was not my thing at all. In the end, I found this quite a frustrating listen as I tended to find the parts of songs I was really enjoying were (quite prematurely) in a lot of songs, truncated and sacrificed for volume. Some great shimmering sounds, but it's the post-rock predictability that I don't like and much preferred the songs that built layers round repetition and did something a little more spacey and interesting, which felt a bit few and far between on this. Fared better on repeat listens, but not by much. 2/5 Shabazz Palaces- Lese Majesty Thought some of the arrangements on the early tracks in particular were great- really sci-fi soundtrack-esque and interesting. I'm more used to hip-hop where the track's propelled along by the vocals, so it seemed a little odd initially with the vocals being so processed. With that in mind, I felt the beats could have maybe done with being a little less pedestrian, though still found it an enjoyable listen for the most part. I really liked the humour in some of the tracks and enjoyed some of the more directly-approached stuff a little later on when I could hear the vocals a bit better. Overall, I think it suffered for being a bit on the long side and I definitely felt my interest waning during the latter tracks, though it did flow incredibly well. 3.5/5 Was great to check out some music I don't think I'd have come across otherwise. Of the 3, I'd be most likely to listen to Shabazz Palaces again, but would probably enjoy Water Torture live.
  5. Took some singing lessons, enjoyed them and learned a lot. My posture and technique had been all wrong, so it didn't take long for me to start noticing a difference once that was rectified. Having a lot of fun chipping in with backing vocals, which I'm now doing a lot more frequently and have felt motivated to try writing some lyrics too.
  6. That's ridiculous. What is wrong with people?!
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