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  1. All the times at a gig someone asked me to ban Cloud The MMW years of Ben Weapon arguing with everyone about everything The people's court Dave's multi-quoting politics thread nightmares sucking the fun out of the very fabric of the earth So many great bands and music over the years All the bands who have started from threads on the forums, all the people who have received and offered genuinely helpful feedback. Getting Ab-Music blocked from my and Neil's former place of work because I was on it so much. Nefarious Cock Fudge awards vote whoring and aftermaths
  2. To be fair I'd quite like a pair of wing tips for the office and I do need a new pair of shoes...
  3. They're just a battered pair of North Face trainers I wear to walk to the office.
  4. Chris

    Pet Hates!

    Punning in French. Nice.
  5. Chris

    Pet Hates!

    My problem last night was not putting any lube on then getting caught in torrential rain. Running in a wet shirt = ruined nips. They're still sore today. Could be worse though... could be this guy:
  6. Chris

    Pet Hates!

    Nipple chafe. Fucking hell.
  7. I did a red ale first then tried a few pale ales. They were grim.
  8. Tried it a few times, using the ready made wort in a tin and don't think I got a single batch which was worth the wait. Even tried pimping it out with better quality ingredients and dry hopping but still tasted like yeasty vomit. If you have the patience to persist, or if you can do the whole process including making your own wort from scratch, then you might have better results. I decided I had enough hobbies to waste time on and nothing I made was going to be as good or varied as the beer I can buy from the shop. The best use I got out my homebrew was for killing slugs.
  9. Chris

    Pet Hates!

    None (shit's expensive). But see a lot of folk going around in them and don't have a problem with it. Got a fair few bits of lycra shorts and jerseys though. Because it's more comfortable on a road bike than normal shorts and a t-shirt. I hate the all pervasive Lad culture that deems any sport that's not football as posh wankers showing off. Which is what slagging off cyclists in lycra seems to be to me. Why is football the only acceptable sport to dress in the correct gear for?
  10. Chris

    Golf club advice

    Yeah I get seriously fucked off with it by the 14th. A round of 9 holes is about right. Just takes a couple of hours, can fit in after work in the summer and it's cheaper.
  11. Chris

    Pet Hates!

    Heaven forbid anyone dresses appropriately for their hobby or shows support for a sport they enjoy. Just like the stupid bastards in Barca tops and footy shorts for a game of fives. You can still kick a ball in jeans for fuck's sake!
  12. Chris

    Golf club advice

    I like golf but I'm fucking awful at it. Don't play enough to get better and it ends up bottom of my hobby priorities, which is a shame.
  13. Chris

    Pet Hates!

    Realise you said she has allergies, but does she like/can she eat cake? Lots of places do vouchers for afternoon tea these days. Or a voucher towards a nice meal somewhere? Does she like going to the theatre or anything? I've bought Ticketmaster / Aberdeen Box Office vouchers for my Mum in the past so she can go see touring shows at HMT or in Edinburgh.
  14. The Poets' Republic are having a launch event tonight at Stonehaven Community Centre, doors 7pm until 10pm with guest poets, free wine and an open mic. http://poetsrepublic.org/ If it goes well they're looking to host similar events in the future.
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