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  1. Nice one babes, big help. Ill noise those up soon. And fuck APL. Moany slack wankers.
  2. They're all bastards, but does anyone have a lesser evil to recommend? I'm looking to rent my place out. Eager to hear about good experiences from a landlord's point of view, but failing that I'll happily strike a deal with someone who's not going to make my future tenants' life a misery.
  3. Those big Dutch bikes just sail right over human skulls.
  4. Let's do it man. Team big hoose.
  5. What kinda brews did you guys go for? I wonder if something strongly flavoured like a porter would be more forgiving to get my eye in without winding up with 40 pints of swill and heartbreak.
  6. Anyone do it on here? Moving into a bigger flat this month and I'm keen to get some quality gutrot on the go without breaking the bank. Any kits anyone would recommend? Anyone want to share their past glories/shameful failures?
  7. Do not miss cycling in ABZ at all. It's for nutters.
  8. I hear that dedicated drumkit amps are practically the same as a keyboard amp but more expensive, so you can probably pick one of those up really cheap second hand.
  9. Ghost-rock. Still better than post-rock.
  10. The sand dunes had a distinctly lunan bay vibe I thought.
  11. Be more like Rocket From the Crypt.
  12. AECC was a name with so much soul. RIP.
  13. The point of playing a Courtney Barnett record to death is one play-through. Diminishing returns.
  14. My old man e-mailed me this nice piece on John Renbourn - http://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/mar/27/john-renbourn-ceaseless-explorer-of-song-pentangle-folk-appreciation
  15. Old Gold

    Open University

    Not sure if relevant, - and it may have changed since I left - but the Ab U English lit course is very much geared towards literary study from a critical perspective as opposed to creating your own literature. More of an expensive book club than an expensive writers' retreat.
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