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  1. It's available on iTunes, might be cheaper using other download providers though. Amazon is a personal favourite of mine.
  2. That was more of a response to the somewhat pissy tone of someone who didn't even preorder the damn thing pal, not a dig at yourself! Though I would say that anyone who has got in touch via email - or even Facebook if I know them in real life - has received a very prompt reply. Various people who use this message board can testify to this.
  3. Ah cool, got worried that orders weren't appearing... Not sure why the people you know wouldn't get in touch rather than get their friend to monitor on their behalf, though...
  4. Well, normally when people have a problem with a product they've bought, they get in touch directly with the seller, to be fair... y'know? AND, I've just had a look and if you're who I think you are, then you didn't even preorder this?! If you did then apologies and send me a PM because there's no record, but if I'm correct then "us getting the information second hand" is a little weird...
  5. HI EVERYONE, Sorry, I don't really use this website anymore so didn't see this thread until now. Like Ewan said above, all orders should either be with you or on their way to you. I could go into the incredibly frustrating reasons behind the delays, but I don't want to risk raising my blood pressure in the process of doing so...
  6. COPY HAHO THE DOUGLAS FIRS (www.thedouglasfirs.bandcamp.com) GOOD POLICE (www.goodpolice.bandcamp.com) Cafe Drummond, Belmont St. Friday 14th October Doors 19:30 Advance tickets available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/132297 Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=166934090049375
  7. Hey - all CD preorders went out last week, so it should have arrived by now/arrive tomorrow hopefully? Someone from Chicago got in touch to say theirs had arrived today so I'd hope that local orders would have been delivered!
  8. If you like buying CDs you can buy the CD from One Up and HMV in Aberdeen. It's cheaper in One Up.
  9. Whoa, interesting side-story! Wonder how that'll turn out...
  10. Quite funny that you draw a distinction between people getting angry about this on Twitter, and taking action that affects their day-to-day lives, only to then call someone doing just that guilty of making a 'very grandiose gesture'. The only reason I brought it up was to pre-empt any armchair politics accusations (not that cancelling a Sky subscription is akin to jumping under a horse). Of course it's difficult to stop using the products and services of all companies implicated in the phone hacking situation, but starting at cutting off direct payments to company at the heart of (at least until other newspapers and companies are implicated) the matter is a start. I don't quite understand your 'all or nothing' approach to any of this. Most people can't do 'all' but most people want to do 'something'. Even if that's only as far as retweeting something, then great. It's still a demonstration of interest, anger, etc. I was sixteen/seventeen in 2004, and didn't pay attention to things such as these nearly so much as I do now. I'm afraid I'm not into retrospective boycotts (I'm not angry about my Mum owning a Volkswagen, for example). As for there not being as much of a fuss made had it been another newspaper, I disagree completely - if anything, I think people would be more shocked and appalled, and taken up social networking arms, had the Guardian, for example, been tapping into the phones of murder, war and terrorism victims.
  11. Sorry, badly worded, I was referring to when the majority of phone hacking was alleged to have taken place.
  12. It's not just the Guardian that has been pushing this story for years - it's good to see Tom Watson MP on his way to being vindicated, for example - so let's not turn it into a 'which newspaper is least bad' debate, as it greatly undermines what's going on. If all true, police were paid off by the NOTW, the Government was lied to, Rupert Murdoch is publicly backing a woman who was probably at least aware of the fact that people on her payroll - whether full time staff or not - were tampering with the mobile phones and lives of murder and terrorism victims and their families. Not only that, but our very own Prime Minister has publicly backed the man who was deputy editor at the time. AND yep, I have cancelled Sky Sports as of today.
  13. Were you at the Glasgow show then? Was disappointed by the turnout at that one...
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