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  1. It's available on iTunes, might be cheaper using other download providers though. Amazon is a personal favourite of mine.
  2. That was more of a response to the somewhat pissy tone of someone who didn't even preorder the damn thing pal, not a dig at yourself! Though I would say that anyone who has got in touch via email - or even Facebook if I know them in real life - has received a very prompt reply. Various people who use this message board can testify to this.
  3. Ah cool, got worried that orders weren't appearing... Not sure why the people you know wouldn't get in touch rather than get their friend to monitor on their behalf, though...
  4. Well, normally when people have a problem with a product they've bought, they get in touch directly with the seller, to be fair... y'know? AND, I've just had a look and if you're who I think you are, then you didn't even preorder this?! If you did then apologies and send me a PM because there's no record, but if I'm correct then "us getting the information second hand" is a little weird...
  5. HI EVERYONE, Sorry, I don't really use this website anymore so didn't see this thread until now. Like Ewan said above, all orders should either be with you or on their way to you. I could go into the incredibly frustrating reasons behind the delays, but I don't want to risk raising my blood pressure in the process of doing so...
  6. COPY HAHO THE DOUGLAS FIRS (www.thedouglasfirs.bandcamp.com) GOOD POLICE (www.goodpolice.bandcamp.com) Cafe Drummond, Belmont St. Friday 14th October Doors 19:30 Advance tickets available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/132297 Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=166934090049375
  7. Hey - all CD preorders went out last week, so it should have arrived by now/arrive tomorrow hopefully? Someone from Chicago got in touch to say theirs had arrived today so I'd hope that local orders would have been delivered!
  8. If you like buying CDs you can buy the CD from One Up and HMV in Aberdeen. It's cheaper in One Up.
  9. Were you at the Glasgow show then? Was disappointed by the turnout at that one...
  10. Yep I download music from iTunes/Amazon/emusic regularly, in addition to buying records/CDs. With CDs, nine times out of ten I just rip the disc to my computer and don't use the physical product again after that. I'm a big fan of being able to download an album legitimately straight to my phone! As for the downloading an album for 1, it's clearly just a short-term marketing ploy from the album's distributor/label. There's absolutely no way it could be sustainable for anyone if it became more than a 'limited special offer' for certain releases.
  11. I've only really got into Stewart Lee this year. Saw him do a three hour set introduced by Armando Iannucci at the South Bank Centre about a month ago, and it was incredible! He essentially performed the whole of the current series of 'Comedy Vehicle'. So, so good.
  12. Hello, The Copy Haho album is streaming via the good folks at The Line Of Best Fit. Here's the link! Exclusive Album Stream: Copy Haho – Copy Haho | The Line Of Best Fit
  13. RF Scott


    Right, but notice that I've quite a few more reasons and haven't resorted to condoning homophobic insults...
  14. RF Scott


    Not sour grapes at all - had it been a Mavs/Bulls final and Mavs won, I'd have still praised them, there's no doubt that they absolutely deserve it. I genuinely detest a great deal about Miami Heat, whether it's Erik Spoelstra being a tool of the highest order, LeBron's inability to take responsibility for his own performances, or "jokes" as you pointed out (their reasoning that it was a "joke" on the "media" is bullshit, they've no humility), the oft-discussed 'The Decision' show... I could go on, but I'd rather concentrate on the Mavs' victory!
  15. RF Scott


    That's it?! Wow.
  16. RF Scott


    What's your beef with Mark Cuban? Anyway, really really happy that the Mavericks took this. I'd have been semi-depressed if the deeply unlikeable Miami Heat (who've really shown their true colours on and off the court in this series) had won this. Dirk Nowitzki has been beyond incredible - the fact that he's IMPROVING with age really is something.
  17. Hi there, I'm posting on behalf of a friend, who is offloading his whole CD collection. There's loads of good stuff for sale, and if I wasn't trying to downsize my music collection myself, I would've already bought half of them... Here's a link to a Google spreadsheet with the list and relevant contact details... http://tinyurl.com/63cv2yn thanks!
  18. If first on is 20:15, I'd imagine you'd see quite a bit more than 5 minutes of our set!
  19. Hi there, the Copy Haho album is now available to preorder from this link here. Limited edition vinyl and CD bundles!
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