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  1. Wife managed to get me the Elliott Smith 7" from Love Music in Glasgow, still trying to get the Buckley/Cohen 7"
  2. Sorry just seen your post, can meet this Saturday if that works?
  3. Also have seasons 1-7 of Family Guy for £30.
  4. Reducing the price to £40, PM if interested.
  5. Every episode of Men Behaving Badly boxset for £10.
  6. Movies are: Brooklyns Finest Conan the Barbarian remake 3D Green Hornet Hangover 2 Haunted World of El Superbeasto J Edgar Killer Inside Me A Perfect Getaway Pirates of the Carribean : On Stranger Tides Project X Psycho Red cliff The Ruins Super Sweeney Todd - Steelbook The Thing 2011 Kick start your blu ray collection, all movies in excellent condition. Send me a PM if interested.
  7. My mate has a couple of tickets for sale for the Little Angels gig at the ABC in Glasgow on the 8th December. Support comes from Skin. PM me or reply if interested. Tickets face value.
  8. Both still available, happy to meet you in Portlethen or in Aberdeen at weekend. PM me with what suits.
  9. no problem 11am alright? outside one up?
  10. Dead Island More Brains Flesh for Frankenstein Body Melt are gone.
  11. It's this set: http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/4-/3432009/Mario-Bava-Collection-Vol-1/Product.html
  12. Movies for sale, live in Portlethen but could meet folk in town with movies one night or weekend. Post a reply or PM me. Blu Rays Green Hornet £3 The Ruins (U.S. disc but R0) £4 The Killer Inside Me £3 Brooklyns Finest £3 Perfect Getaway £3 Red Cliff £3 The Haunted World of El Superbeasto £4 PS3 The Force Unleashed 2 Ltd Edition version with USB stick etc £20 Dead Island £10 Dead Rising 2 £10 Batman: Arkham Asylum £5 DVD's The Devils Rejects R1 Disc signed by Ken Foree £15 Clerks X R1 Disc signed by Kevin Smith £15 Mario Bava Anchor Bay Boxset Vol 1 £25 Family Guy Seasons 1 - 7 £5 each or all 7 for £30 Indiana Jones Collection R1 DVD Boxset £6 Suspiria 2 disc Anchor Bay release £6 More Brains Return of the Living Dead documentary R1 £5 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Gruesome Edition R1 £2 Jeepers Creepers R1 £2 Dazed & Confused £2 Harpoon £3 An American Haunting £2 Dodgeball R1 £2 Highlander R1 £2 Fear/Parents R1 £4 Night of the Living Dead (Savini remake) £4 Flesh for Frankenstein (Tartan) £3 Body Melt £2 The Children £1 Welcome to the Jungle £1 Southern Comfort (Dutch R2 release) £4 White Zombie £1 Plan 9 from Outer Space £1 Dementia 13 £1 Carnival of Souls £1 Skinned Alive £1 Family Guy - Stewie Grifin the Untold Story £2 Killer Klowns from Outer Space R1 (Midnite Movie) £3 Hostel £2 All movies are R2 unless stated, if anyone would like to see photos of anything please let me know.
  13. What better way to celebrate Elvis week than to come down to The Moorings tonight for a night of Rock n Fucking Roll and buy the Dark King of the Sith a pint! Hang Loose!
  14. I have an old school Generation 5 I would be willing to see. I think it is 32GB but need to dig out to check.
  15. Mark Lanegan playing in Aberdeen has made my year as soon as I found out yesterday, tickets were bought!
  16. Will take some pictures tonight and get them up on here.
  17. I have a brown leather sofa bed for sale, in excellent condition, hardly used £100 ono.
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