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  1. paime

    Lames to Fame

    I saw Russell Howard in the security queue at Belfast airport 3 weeks ago. I almost said hello to him.
  2. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26764130
  3. I know a guy who is potentially selling his mk1 escort if anyone is interested? I don't know much about it other than its a solid two door rolling shell and he has a 2 litre pinto or a zetec engine available.
  4. Everyone's experience is different i guess and yes im sure there is incompetence in management but you're right, probably better in another thread. Im keen to hear about alternative political systems though. I think Brand is off his nut if he thinks we'll all jump on board with him but what are the feasible alternatives which are more to the right?
  5. I'd like to see these models. Im not saying they don't exist, rather i haven't heard of them/studied them in detail.
  6. Climbing the ladder in the oil industry isn't about "sucking up" to people, the pressures that exist in managerial positions are pretty immense and if you can't do the job then you don't get the job in my experience. If you manage to make it to the top then you deserve the rewards imho. If you don't like the way your company treats you then why not leave? If the career you're in doesn't have the potential financial reward then why not re-train? We live in one of the most buoyant employment markets and i imagine you're at the age where changing your career is straight forward. Quit whining and do something about it!
  7. Tree left? Tree right? What's he on?? There are trees everywhere!
  8. Where do I send my fee for this idea? I'll accept payment I'm beer and/or porn FYI
  9. I fucking love how happy he is in this photo. Chris Brown has no idea he's partying with a legend.
  10. You and I are going to fall out, Mr Jack...
  11. Anything at all, and i mean ANYTHING written on an old-fashioned post card like the one below. Get. To. Fuck.
  12. paime

    GTA V

    I wasn't going to buy GTA5, mostly due to the reasons others have mentioned in this thread (maps too large etc) but, given the reviews, i get the impression it's revolutionary. I will thus be buying it and no doubt throwing the next 6 months of my life away. Ho hum. Where's the best place, price-wise, folks have got a copy from?
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