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  1. looking for a wooden shoe rack like this:
  2. ^what it says on the can. looking for bullet for my valentine cd albums. spotify is great until i need to put stuff on my mp3 player
  3. ooooh thanks. i was using ticket master. fingers crossed
  4. thanks for clarifying. i though the stalls were the little boxes like at hmt but mh doesnt have them and they have another name. i dont really want seated for a concert so i guess the balcony is out so basically i want stalls...which is sold out...damn. well at least i know what i'm looking for now.
  5. any frequent gig goers at the music hall? i've only been to one a few years back and got tickets standing on the main floor level with stage. I want tickets to bullet (refrain from sarcastic comments) but all that seems left is balcony/stalls. am i correct in thinking both are raised? i'm not keen on having standing tickets on a raised platform in case of accident but i think they might be seated anyways, can anyone confirm?
  6. looking for 2 tickets for the above. all that's left is balcony/seated. if anyone has let me know along with asking price cheers.
  7. for seated shows at aecc anyone know which area is best?
  8. i was asking in reference to spec & brands from peoples personal experience or owning/having owned a 3 in 1. tbh it's all "who you are" I've seen some shit posted that wouldn't get deleted but as i said comes down to who you are. majority of time I get sarky comments like "use google" - that could be said for pretty much any question.
  9. so why was my post deleted? sometimes this place is nothing but a popularity contest may as well just ban me from posting since 80% of the time my posts get deleted.
  10. what if i add trespass to the list. also am i better with a 3 in 1 on a ski jacket? its basically just for the winter
  11. north face vs regatta? wanting a new 3 in 1
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