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  1. I've been ghosting this thread for over a year now. I suppose its about time I gave something back.
  2. East 17 in the early 90s:gringo: then, ozzfest 2002
  3. i go to sleep till about 1am the night before an exam. then study all night and go straight into the exam. go for a pint and then return to my bed. its always worked for me
  4. Not a band I've ever really liked. But I suppose its good to see a band who have been consistent area headliners for so long, getting a bit of recognition.
  5. i've just spent hours watching these videos. this guy is a genius:popcorn:
  6. people are really quite stupid. i had no idea about this gig. i'll try and make it along to the next one though, i havent seen Jake in ages
  7. Ulver pretty much got better and more interesting with each album (from raw black metal electronic ambience) but their lastest alabum "shaddows of the sun" was boring and showed that they has clearly ran out of ideas. maybe next time
  8. I've just finished watching Night Watch and Day Watch. I really liked them
  9. again, this is in the main questline. you will be sent to the main headqauters of the brotherhood and you can ask the leader if you can be trained. then you find the the guy who does it (in the main courtyard) and you will be able to equip all types of power armour. use gamefaqs.com if you get stuck again
  10. i think vault 87 is the one where you have to enter via some caves in Little Lamplight (its in the main questline) and for "you gotta shoot them in the head" go to underworld, and speak to a goul called Mister Crowley (up the stairs to the right) he'll give you the mission
  11. a PS3 game, despite not owning a PS3. some styling gel, despite the fact that i've had long hair for over 4 years my family are terrible
  12. the combat took a bit of getting used to. but a few hours in it becomes seamless. i only played fable 2 for a few hours last month because my disc drive has had fallout inside ever since. you get a warm feeling inside when you mange to remove a head, both arms and both legs with a decent magnum shot using VATS
  13. for a change my absence wasn't actually woman related. i just kinda fell out of "the scene" i've decided to get back into seeing a lot more gigs. i'm finally leaving the pub job which has stolen most of my weekends for the past couple of years. hopfully i'll see you sometime soon mate, it's been too long
  14. Ive decided to come out of retirement for this hilarious thread
  15. Marlboro Reds on payday Lambert and Butler normally Richmond when im skint
  16. i had mine done at Draconian a few months back and was so pleased with everything (including how friendly all those guys are) i wouldnt even think about going anywhere else for my next
  17. or a "this joke is wearing a little thin" one...
  18. yes, fantastic night. isylore stole the show. a great evening of great music and escaping windows....
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