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  1. Nae gan through 50 pages so if this has been suggested befor am sorry. Type in Brick Vader If you like snatch and starwars you will be so happy
  2. Been fuckin donkeys since iv seen you live, even longer since we played together! Still the same line up?
  3. I think after you hear statues new stuff with tylor and derricks new band (the silence(check them out, pretty good)) you will see that the different paths we have taken really are for the better. End of an era, start of a new (hopefully!) Chi 666
  4. i really need tickets for the away end for the game tomorrow. anyone selling?
  5. i cant fuckin wait for this gig! playing with Corrupt Absolute again will be fucking ace. its about time the Misery got back up and running again. Chi666
  6. what the fuck is your porblem with the band forums? fuck me, you went on and on about them in another thread! if you hate them so much, why the fuck are you looking through them then???o_O
  7. id say forget listening to the untitled one. its not near finished and that was played very bad. just hay a wee listen to DyingVain (thats how its supposed to be spelt (i just made that up now)) its o reet for being done on a camera eh!?
  8. im liking the sign in the entrance of moshulu saying no moshing, or moshing is not encouraged. i take it they will be changing the name to just "ulu"
  9. i wouldent where a cap when sitting down to dinner with my missus parents, or when out for a meal. get a fucking grip "is rude", can you even hear yourself??? whering a cap in moshulu is rude?? a cap??! in a fucking alternate rock CLUB!?!?!?! what the fuck is this world coming to?? you seem to be picking an argument for no reason. NOBODY can turn round a say something that fucking stupid and mean it. how about 16 year old girls wondering around in miniskirts smaller than my belt or middle aged men fucked out there skull spilling drink all over you when your standing at the bar? is that not rude? a fucking hat??? a HAT?o_O
  10. and your reason for this would be?........
  11. camo baseball cap i bought out of asda for 8.
  12. nothing changed, i forgot to mention the fact he swore at me, thats not changing my story but hay, if YOU think im lying thats all that matters eh? who knows, i might have just decided one day to stay up till about 2 in the morning just to post up a made up story about how badly i was treated in a club that i have drunk in for years, just cos i was bored. "its not your club you have no right to be there" thats the stupidist thing i have ever heard. they are suppost to be running a business. you are a fucking moron, is that personal enough for you?
  13. yes i do. i like the way you took a normal disscusion and turned it into a personal argument. classy
  14. i work in the casino, i know what drunk people are like, belive me. i would never treat people he way i got treated, and thats after twelve hours of having to deal with drunk people! so come on, they are not nice people:down:
  15. look i never argued with him, i never shouted at him. i was walking towards the door, out the door and down the steps and he was pushing me the whole way, i was walking faster than normal walking speed. he pushed me out the door and swore at me. i have had arguments with bouncers befor and i dont hate bouncers, the ones at my work are a few of the soundest guys i know, but its not just me that notices that they (the majority) are overly heavy handed, cocky, and rude. now thats a stone wall FACT. and this guy was the worst bouncer i have ever seen. hes a fucking disgrace to security staff, and thats saying something.
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