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  1. Is @Cloud still in real Poland, when a lot of others also relocated to Poland's because of him.
  2. I don't want the serious nature of the conversation to deflect from how flipping hilarious this video is.
  3. Quoting jesus is like saying "I am not a sex pest" when you cleary are one.
  4. Like any good tradesman, you've arrived 9 years too late.
  5. I just got an electric kettle this weekend in my part of Poland and the Polish wife is just amazed by it. I timed mine (2 litre kettle) and takes exactly 5 mins for full boil. Which is incredibly slow for U.K. standard, but if I was heating up a huge pan of water here on the stove it would take about 30 fucking minutes to boil.
  6. Yet not one of you moaning bastards would glass each other in a pub like a real man would.
  7. The DUP claim the world is only 6000 years old, but if you cut May in half and count the rings in her cunt, she has been around longer than that.
  8. How ever long you go down for, it will be a life sentence for your cell mate.
  9. I was with Liz at Buckingham Palace on the morning she got those tweets. She was casually flicking through twitter while have a swan egg on toast, to say she was upset would be an understatement. I thought she showed great constraint by not tweeting back.
  10. Yellow face, black face and a hitler 'tache, very confusing.
  11. First the potato famine, now this. Poland is destitute.
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