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  1. Nice. I'll be up in August so might drop by the old place.
  2. Good luck. If you need any insight Donald / Duncan have my numbers.
  3. Good to hear. Might have to make a road trip. Would be wierd
  4. Hmv has a reprieve for 2 years. Cpl bought Moshulu.
  5. Bloody hell I booked Jukebox the ghost onto that tour. Stumbled across them in a bar at sxsw when I was heading to a meeting but needed to take a piss and ended up watcgingbthe show. They're out with James Blunt now.
  6. Funny looking back at lots of the gigs on here that people talk about although having promoted a lot of them it does make me glad busting ass promoting or arranging them. Well done to everyone who was involved in putting on these gigs that in some way affected people's lives or got them into going to see live music. Glad to see Stapleton getting so many mentions. It'll take me an eternity to think of this.
  7. Trampled by turtles (shred grass) WAIT SO LONG Video - ARTISTdirect Music Obv - old crow medicine show (wagon wheel) Felice brothers are indeed awesome. Aa Bondy also. Low anthem Abigail Washburn Justin lowness Earle Lucero Yes I'm biased.
  8. It's a Friday/Saturday festival so probably lucky to avoid the rain of last night.
  9. not read the thread.... but did Chris come out of the co-op on Holburn St? I've also forgotten where Holburn St is but seem to think somethig to do with the Malt Mill. Is the Malt Mill still open? just checking.
  10. From what i can say and put in text.... Worst summer to start a festival Needed to announce sing-a-long festival headliners Pretty strong booking Competetive & realistic price No idea the advertising range etc having been out of Scotland for some 4 + years now. edit: Site was right Didn't know there wasn't camping. Only festivals that work without camping are classical / heritage site picnic concert style or straight up POP fests ala T4 on the beach etc.
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