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  1. Ross


    Nice. I'll be up in August so might drop by the old place.
  2. Ross

    To: The Aberdeen Music Scene

    Funny how things come round
  3. Ross


    Good luck. If you need any insight Donald / Duncan have my numbers.
  4. Ross

    music venues

  5. Ross

    City ventre venue for hire - Aberdeen

    Good to know
  6. Good to hear. Might have to make a road trip. Would be wierd
  7. Ross


    Hmv has a reprieve for 2 years. Cpl bought Moshulu.
  8. Ross

    Let's talk about gigs

    Bloody hell I booked Jukebox the ghost onto that tour. Stumbled across them in a bar at sxsw when I was heading to a meeting but needed to take a piss and ended up watcgingbthe show. They're out with James Blunt now.
  9. Ross

    Let's talk about gigs

    Funny looking back at lots of the gigs on here that people talk about although having promoted a lot of them it does make me glad busting ass promoting or arranging them. Well done to everyone who was involved in putting on these gigs that in some way affected people's lives or got them into going to see live music. Glad to see Stapleton getting so many mentions. It'll take me an eternity to think of this.
  10. Ross

    The Country/Folk./Bluegrass Thread.

    Here it is live Joe pug is also great.
  11. Ross

    The Country/Folk./Bluegrass Thread.

    Trampled by turtles (shred grass) WAIT SO LONG Video - ARTISTdirect Music Obv - old crow medicine show (wagon wheel) Felice brothers are indeed awesome. Aa Bondy also. Low anthem Abigail Washburn Justin lowness Earle Lucero Yes I'm biased.
  12. Ross

    London Riots

    Not sure. Kinda focusing on London as I'm here and meant to be moving to south London in 3 weeks. Am amazed that a vigilante group hasn't gone out kicking ass. Aside from the Turkish group who apparently dished out some whoop ass earlier in the evening.
  13. Ross

    London Riots

    Apparently Camden road station on fire. It's fucking chaos down here. Police are totally over worked. The army will probably be called in tomorrow. School holidays don't help.
  14. Ross

    Belladrum Festival

    It's a Friday/Saturday festival so probably lucky to avoid the rain of last night.
  15. Ross

    Lana Del Rey

    She's great!