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  1. I guess it's alright (non keeping it cool translation: I've just rushed home and bought a ticket even though I live on the other side of the world. Immense line up!)
  2. I've started this, I was instantly hooked. The first episode is incredible.
  3. Incredibly sad news today. Let's have a thread to remember everything that was great about him.
  4. that's shit, just when Klopp was rying to make them likeable.
  5. It was decent and I will listen to it again but I think it will take a couple more listens to see if I really like it. The most appealing thing about it was that it's not like anything else I've been listening to from this year.
  6. I've watched the original trilogy of Star Wars lately due to all the talk of the new one, which I'll go and see sometime soon. I had seen them once before years ago but I have never been a big fan and my point of view hasn't really changed. They're ok but nothing exceptional to me, I also don't think there's much of a difference in quality between them all. 7/10 for me. (However I can completely see why people who saw them when the special effects were cutting edge would rate them much higher).
  7. Some of their beer is okay, and the pub is a nice enough place to sit in. They do have some of the worst marketing patter of any company around though. I guess if there a lot of people vocally disliking it nowadays it's mostly a reaction to the over the top fanboys going on about them too much. Making such a fuss about going into a bar on a work night out is fucking stupid though and I feel embarrassed about it even though I wasn't there or have no idea who the people are. Imagine actually doing that. How big was the group? I am fed up with the term craft beer. I wish that would go away.
  8. I think it's still very appealing but at an older age. Mourinho has said previously he wants to manage Portugal in the future. The prospect of having a crack at the world cup has to appeal to all ambitious coaches plus the less intense lifestyle day to day must be welcome after years of club football. My money is on him going to PSG (Ronaldo too)
  9. While I agree it would be tiresome if it started happening all the time, the point is that Fargo is not re-purposed content like those comic book movies It's something new and different. I guess I actually don't really care where the inspiration comes from as long as it's good and in my opinion Fargo is easily the best tv show on at the moment. I also think it is sometimes overstated how much of a modern issue this is. How many old Dracula films are there? How many robin hood films? I won't argue it doesn't happen more now but I see it as a natural increase over time rather than something which has started out of nowhere in the last 20 years. Alkaline, The Leftovers has just been renewed for a third and final season.
  10. Fargo season 1 and 2 are both excellent. I think I might prefer the second one too. I can't wait for the finale. I think the references to the film (and many other Coen Bros films) are far too strong for it ever to work or get away with being something wholly separate. I think the way in which it's been done is brilliant and I wonder if it might inspire some other movie inspired shows. Does anyone watch The Leftovers? I got through the two seasons quite quickly in the last couple of weeks. I'd only rate it as decent, worth a watch but it seems like there are many people (online at least) who think the second season has turned it into the best show on tv.
  11. I have seen this listed a lot by different people. Going to give it a spin.
  12. My favourites of the year... (Top 3) Grimes - Art Angels Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Buterfly Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion (no order) Levon Vincent - self titled Susanne Sundfore - Ten Love Songs Natasha Kmeto - Inevitable Miguel - Wildheart Father John Misty - I Love You, Honeybear Bjork - Vulnicura Allie X - CollXtion 1
  13. I'm glad nothing has come of the Monk story yet. I find the level headed honest way he talks about his games very refreshing. There's none of the nonsense most managers come out with. Alex Neil is another one like that, the post match interviews after their match last week were brilliantly boring. I wouldn't want everyone to be like that but I can't stand every nobody trying to be Ferguson or Mourinho all the time.
  14. I appreciate the general hate for comedy music but there is absolutely no way Tim Fucking Minchin should be seen as an exception. Awful shite. Most of the lyricists I like have an element of humour to them and pull it off much better than those people who make it their whole thing.
  15. I can't believe Swansea are going to sack Monk. Totally stupid imo.
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