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  1. 'lionels' beside slains off belmont street. i hve no idea what its real name is but lionel ritchie works in there, i am serious. x
  2. fab


    hi does anyone else have problems on this site in that the time that posts are made seem to be all wrong? any suggestions? its not my computer i dont think as no other sites or other forum pages are like this? ta x
  3. great hair, not heard much of their music but i think they have a single out now or very soon
  4. fab


    aye its just their biography blurb that i posted above
  5. fab


    i just know them from down here in glasgow but seeing as i am from up north i thought i would post here too. no street team or anything
  6. wave , a glasgow band http://www.wave-music.co.uk
  7. fab


    In Glasgow September 2004 a group of music lovers came together with ideas & passion, with only one thing in their minds, which is to form a band & play the most exciting music possible, for themselves & the audience. Wave are a band with a unique vision and approach to music which is amazingly innovative and exciting to listen to. Each member of Wave has a strong background of musical knowledge from listening to such artists as; The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Frederic Chopin, Frank Zappa, Brian Eno, U2, David Sylvian. With influences as diverse as these, the band has very much learned their craft. Wave are a very compelling band to be watch upon for their creative output and ability to perform & improvise which are some of the attributes that come together to bring a beautiful experience. http://www.wave-music.co.uk
  8. i have the whole alphabet- will be worth something one day now, cant believe they are changing!
  9. god this is so addictive http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?i906bm1cau5c
  10. it doesnt really matter what label things are released on but often i find that if i find one smaller label i like an artist on then i will like alot of other things out on that label- for example Rough Trade are home to many of my favourite artists, discovered largely through owning other albums by artists on that label. i agree thought that it can often be hard to find a bargain in hmv etc so mail order directly from these smaller labels is often better value. however, you shouldnt boycott larger labels, many bands just strike it lucky from the word go and get signed up by sony, etc, that doesnt mean they are sell outs simply due to the fact they are signed to a larger company. x
  11. 1. t in the park, sunday, july 2. the libertines, barrowlands (with pete) march 3. razorlight, barrowlands, october 4. 22-20s, king tuts, october 5. hope of the states, glasgow garage, october 6. kasabian, barrowlands, december 7. the black keys, glasgow garage, october 8. franz ferdinand, glasgow qmu, april 9. zutons, barrowlands, october 10. datsuns, glasgow qmu, september but the true number one will be tomorrow night- KINGS OF LEON, CARLING ACADEMY!!!!!!!!!!
  12. kings of leon - ah ha shake heartbrake
  13. yeah i had heard that undertones one, supposedly playing the new glastonbury John Peel stage. x
  14. that sounds a great set list, when are you choosing thr tunes over xmas as i feel i will have to pay exodus a visit if this is the calibre of tunes! x
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